Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fly With Me To LA Part2

The sunny weather felt familiar to the touch of our skin. We felt at home right away the moment we touched down L.A. The chaos at LAX with endless streams of guests from all over the world did not intimidate us the least. The Airport felt familiar though, a cross between Bus Stand Klang and KLIA, not too fancy, not too hagged. ;o)

Everyone dressed and looked like movie stars, flaunting designer wears. The fanciest item I had on me, on the other hand was the Crocs imitation, an RM10 pair of shoes which served me dutifully well thus far. We were hoping to steal glimpses of Hollywood Stars being bugged by paparazzi and cameras flashing and clicking all the way. Sighting stars like Drew Berrymore, Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise or maybe the Bradgelina troupe stepping out from a white limousine, would seal the whole Hollywood deal. We spotted limousines countless of times, and waved unknowingly at the person behind the dark screen. A star might wave back at us, well you'll never know. lol!

The Hotel we checked into was 20 minutes away from the Airport and a 10 minute walk from the nearest mall. The mall became the convenient store for us in the next couple of days, ending our days with vegetarian dinners and sweet treats of pies right before we tucked ourselves to bed. Not to mention devouring on buckets of caramelised popcons in between. Lisa and I were intoxicated with sugar most of the time and laughing ourselves silly every time we dived in face first, into ice cream, cookies, chips and popcorn. That's USA in summary!

For the convenience of two makciks travelling sans the company of men, we opted to take a ride on the VIP tours for security purposes. The van picked us up at our hotel and took us around the trendiest, most visited places around LA. Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach to name a few. Below are some of the pictures.

Lisa feeling like one of the kids in Beverly Hills 90210

Beverly Hills ni dikhabarkan oleh tour guide kami, dihuni lebih ramai orang kaya Arab drp mat salleh.

Venice Beach as you see in Baywatch.

Sebenarnyakan we were quite disappointed sebab pantai ni tak seindah yg digambarkan dalam Baywatch series tu. Macam rundown jer. The beaches we get over this side of our world are much more scenic. So you didn't really miss anything.

Santa Monica

Many movies were shot here. The Pier is shown in movies like Beverly Hills Cop III, Forrest Gump, Iron Man, and Hannah Montana: The Movie. It was quite a happening place to be.

Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive of Beverly Hills, is famous for its haute couture fashion shopping. You can find all the designers' label here including Jimmy Choo! We didn't get ourselves anything from here, nothing matched the amount of dollars we have left. Even the air tasted expensive.

That's all for now folks. Will bring you to other places of interest in the next entry where these shoes gallantly stepped with much reverence on people your hearts throb for. While waiting, maybe you can guess who was the superstar that stepped out from this limousine. Boleh jerit

A star about to disembark the white horse. Who who who? Tungggguuuuuu!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fly With Me To L.A. Part 1

It's time.

It has been a year since the last entry. I stopped writing about the trip just because I didn't want it to end, both here and in my mind. It's too good to put a full stop to and I am the possessive type over beautiful memories. But the story must continue on.

I will embark on another journey soon. But until that one starts to commence, this one has to have it's deserving end.

We stamped our fingerprints on Chicago and said our goodbyes.

Chicago left us breathless. We were blown away by its inexplicable beauty. It wasn't as green as New Zealand, neither was it as colourful as Australia but the core of its existence lies in its people and the soul it harbours along the perfect skyline. It's nothing like I have ever seen or felt before. That's Chicago.

After a week of Masters trainer's training and with a scroll in my hand I was all pumped up to fly to LA the next morning with Lisa. We giggled like little girls in anticipation of our trip to LA. It was the place of Lisa's dreams, the highlight of her journey and I was just happy to be able to accompany her there. Chef had to go back straight away, to celebrate Raya with his family. And the two of us just had to grab this opportunity to fly to the moon and see the Stars...Hollywood stars.

But before we were catapulted to the moon, we landed on the hostile ground many times. As tourists cum foreigners in the land of Omputihs and with me donning the hijab, stares and glares were the "funniest" thing. Most looked at me as if I had a creepy slimy looking alien clutching on to my head. Medusa would have an easier time walking through the Custom officers at the airport. I was on the other hand, brushed to the side, escorted to a transparent room where everyone was looking as they body searched me. I refused to take off my tudung, so they just ran through my scarf searching for weapons of mass destruction. lol! Trust me it wasn't funny then. I could see from afar Lisa was following me with her eyes, looking worried and concerned altogether. At one point of time, I thought I would be taken away. I had tears in my eyes brimming, and frustrations in my heart brewing, for the indifference and ignorance shoved to me that day. I was freed from the interrogation room with my socks on sans my self -esteem, collected my shoes and left the grey area to find Lisa. I kept my thoughts to myself. I was robbed of cheerful expressions on my face. It wasn't the first time it happened, but it was the worst thus far.

I refused to have that incident lined a bitter taste in my mouth so before we left for LA, we sat down at the nearby cafe and ordered Crème brûlée! I was still looking so flustered and Lisa was in disarray to0. We did have an unfortunate incident the night before where we were left stranded in the rain, in the cold at the train station for more than an hour by the hotel staff, well that's another story. But what we learnt from the short trip was that the locals were not very helpful especially if you were a Muslim. The people who reached out to us in time of distress were also foreigners who have worked there all their lives. Masa ni kan, the feeling of rindu crept in. Rindu mak ayah, rindu suami dan anak2 rindu berada di negara sendiri. be continued.

A sample of the animosity everywhere we went, and we captured one on camera! Look at the people on the next row.

On the same note, I just stumbled upon this video. A pilot who refused a body scan(like what I was subjected to) and lost his job for it. Check out the link here

Please listen intently to the 2:50th to 3:05th minute. The man of authority clearly stated

"...You don't do a full body pat-down unless people are suspected of criminal activities"

I guess I must have looked like a criminal to them. :o(

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bear It All

They used to hide behind my flowers, sometimes sitting coyly looking so nervous. When they looked up and smiled, you could see that certain style, of adorable expressions, in many instances of actions.

They'll never misbehave, I can assure you. They'll sit when that is all, they are asked to do. They'll glance at each other whenever they are told and let their love story before you unfold.

They are as what you wish for them to be. Smiley, dreamy, silly and sometimes funny. It is all for you to decide and for you to characterise, their personalities, their attires, their stories.

The sugar bears will no more be shy.
They will sit down, lay low and stand tall.
Do come and sit with me, just for a while.
It is the most opportune time for me to "bear" it all.

Thanks Damia's Mum!

Date : 17th October 2010
Day : Sunday
Time : 10.30am to 3pm
Venue: Sugarflours BDR BARU BANGI: No.6, Jalan Medan PB1 Seksyen 9 43650 Bandar Baru
Module: Wedding bears and Bear Family tree using special moulds
Contact : Lisa (0123264841)
Please bring Modelling tools, small rolling pin, fine paint brush and apron.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bila Gitar Berbunyi...

...bermakna rumah tidak berapi.

Thanks so much Natasha!

They both stared fervently at the candle which stood between them. Sometimes deliberately breathing hard to create sways of movements in the fire. I was drowning in exasperation for the cakes undone in the oven. All due the very next day. There was nothing to do except to wait in the dark with little lights flickering around us. As I rested on the sofa thinking of how to pass the time, the sight of my guitar at the corner of the room took me 20 years back, all the way to our terrace house in Ipoh.

There were too many times when "api" was taken away too abruptly from our house. I am sure Ayah paid the bills on time and so did Pak Yed and Aunty Bin our next door neighbours. But "api" still got extinguished when we most needed it, like the time when my sister and I needed to finish our homework. That was actually the least of my sister's concern for she was more worried of the tv shows she was going to miss!

Every time the house went dark at the house of number 43, the "wannabe" band members would come out to the balcony and sing songs. My brothers would lead with the strumming and plucking of the guitar and the girls would sweetly sing the songs of yesteryear. Yes, we all could sing, all the four siblings and this ability was only recognised and acknowledged by us, the band members of "The Faws". In our mother tongue it is called "perasan" lol! But "The Faws" was very real to all of us. Our father even made T-shirts with our faces and the name of the band at the back. If it was ever to come true, we knew our mother would sew us all the matching costumes and made us look very colourful. At that time, family bands were the in thing. There were the Jackson 5, The Carpenters, The Osmonds, The Bee Gees and deep in my heart I wanted "The Faws" to make it too but the vision just stayed there, deep in my heart.

Nevertheless, many songs were rendered on that balcony, under the midnight sky accompanied by the glittering stars above. We sang songs by Dato'Shake's, Cenderawasih, Jay Jay, REO Speedwagon, Air Supply, until the lights came back on or until we drove each other crazy or until we were too sleepy to sing anymore.

Now when we are all grown up, we do still sing, whenever we get the chance to do so, but never at the balcony of house number 43. The balcony is still there but is now filled with a different type of melody - the patters of small feet trampling on the dusty floor.

"Baba" came home just in time to record a show with his new phone. I grabbed my guitar, plucked some silly tunes and made the kids perform as I went along. They acted and moved and sang, until, the lights came back on, until they drove each other crazy and until they were too sleepy to act funny anymore.

will upload the video to their little concert once "baba" has learnt how to transfer it to youtube.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tunggu Sekejap...

...saya baru jumpa gambar-gambar kek lama. Tapi saya ingin meminta maaf kerana sudah terlupa nama-nama disebalik manisan ini.
Maafkan saya.

Terima Kasih kepada semua yang telah menjadikan wizcakes sebahagian daripada sambutan hari istimewa mereka.