Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just Before Raya, One Day.

The last few days were always the hardest. The kids wilted like the unwatered potted plant on my balcony. Cheeks sunken, belly flattened and lips all cracked up, they of course dramatised many episodes of mercy begging to buka puasa. And most of the time, their mother badgered and reminded them again and again to just hold on a wee bit longer. They scowled, whined and made faces naturally and at times when the mother was too tired to voice her disapproval of their misdemeanour, telegraphing an unmistakable exasperation with her buldging eyes and her pursed lips was good enough.

Until one day...

It began as one of the hottest days in the fasting month. The cloudless sky was beautiful to look at but the heat uncushioned by the missing clouds were not friendly to the little souls. The aircond in our savvy seemed to be fasting as well, unable to keep everyone cool in that tiny space.

My kids and I were on our way to the nearby hypermarket to shop for last minute raya items. We were moving at a snail pace due to the traffic jam. We could not overtake neither could we take another turn at another juncture to avoid the dugaan right in front of us. And a "dugaaan" it was! The whole spread of the kids' favourite food magnified, enlarged in a menu-like fresco.

The kids went into a frenzy every time I braked and moved again and each time the image drew nearer and clearer somehow. It was the longest mental torture for the kids and their mother. We were at the truck's tail for more than 20 minutes.

So, did the kids break their fast that day?


Did their mother hang on a wee bit longer?

She wasn't even fasting in the first place. ;o)

Selamat Hari Raya Folks!

Thanks so much Nina, Phang and Chu!

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zue said...

Salam Wiz! Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir batin. that is one big dugaan surely......:-)
speaking of asking them to wait a wee bit longer...the same goes to my youngest six year old daughter, who started fasting once the school hols started. How did she do it? She woke up at 3 pm and so she managed to stay not eating until break fast time. i just told her to hang in there for just a few more hours or minutes and alhamdulillah from that day, she managed to puasa seven days until the last of Ramadhan.
nice cakes there Wiz,.....take care....

Wiz said...

Zue- Selamat Hari Raya Zue! Finally I am back blogging after almost 2 weeks of internetless in this house. When we came back from Raya, the line was down and you know la orang TM how super speedy they are in correcting the problem. Hope you had a wonderful Raya. I know mesti tgh bz punya sekarang ni baking the last few batches of cakes before Raya draws to a close this week kan?

Tringin go visit you one day and sample your cheese brownies.

zue said...

wiz, you are welcome anytime to visit me in my small kitchen and taste my cheese brownies and if you like chocolate, can taste my oreo chocolate cheesecake too!My raya was good, went back to hometown cos all my adik beradik, 8 of us are back , but only managed a brief visit, but that was enough. not as bz as before raya, tried to slow down a bit cos my eldest will be sitting for her PMR very soon.gotta go, have to pick up my youngest from school in one hour time, so trying to do some chores in the same time managed to watch one interesting movie on Star movies just now:-), while writing up something.....I was away from my blog a while juga cos I left my camera battery and cable back in my sis's house in Kelantan so was not able to post any new photos until I got them back last saturday( my sis had to post them).
you have a beautiful day!

edi said...

hahahahaha... kak wiz... lawak betul.. pttla maknyer rilek je.. x puasa rupernyer!!!!

Ho Ho Ho said...

Selamat Hari Raya Wiz....