Monday, September 27, 2010

Di Hari Raya...

...Mak dan Ayah berbaju Ungu,
Yeop dan keluarga putih salju,
Nyah dan segerombolan hijau dan merah jambu,
saya dan famili memilih hijau dan biru.
Warna keemasan pakaian keluarga adik bongsu.

Mak masak rendang kerang. Kata mak, " favourite yeop"
Kuah kacang untuk Ida, "...tinggalkan saya sikit" she hoped.
Sebab dia balik Kelantan tahun ni,
Tu sebab raya tahun ni tak berapa merry.

Nyah and kak fiza masak mee bandung,
Betul, saya sikit pun tak tolong,

sebab saya in charged of mee kari,

and cheesecake cherry yang tak berapa menjadi.

Lepas puas makan dan menziarahi,
Kami sekeluarga berkumpul depan tv,
Semua orang sibuk nak duduk kat depan,
Nak tengok rancangan di TV Sembilan.

Saya terketawa sesuka hati,
sebab malu dan syok sendiri,
siapa lah saya, ish ish ish,
berdiri di sebelah Nora Danish.

Lepas Ipoh, saya ke Melaka,
melawat my husband's saudara mara,

Tak lupa juga, kawan yang dirindui,
"Tati, thank you so much for the warm hospitality".

Cerita raya tak habis lagi,
Rumah open house pun banyak nak pergi,
Minta maaf sebab selalu tak ada kat sini,
Tapi ruangan ini sentiasa dekat di hati.

Mak, ayah and some of the cucus.


Buat, Lan, Lil, Boy, Mon, Chamee, dan jejaka2 lain di luar sana...

"Sorry! I don't have Nora Danish's phone number."


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just Before Raya, One Day.

The last few days were always the hardest. The kids wilted like the unwatered potted plant on my balcony. Cheeks sunken, belly flattened and lips all cracked up, they of course dramatised many episodes of mercy begging to buka puasa. And most of the time, their mother badgered and reminded them again and again to just hold on a wee bit longer. They scowled, whined and made faces naturally and at times when the mother was too tired to voice her disapproval of their misdemeanour, telegraphing an unmistakable exasperation with her buldging eyes and her pursed lips was good enough.

Until one day...

It began as one of the hottest days in the fasting month. The cloudless sky was beautiful to look at but the heat uncushioned by the missing clouds were not friendly to the little souls. The aircond in our savvy seemed to be fasting as well, unable to keep everyone cool in that tiny space.

My kids and I were on our way to the nearby hypermarket to shop for last minute raya items. We were moving at a snail pace due to the traffic jam. We could not overtake neither could we take another turn at another juncture to avoid the dugaan right in front of us. And a "dugaaan" it was! The whole spread of the kids' favourite food magnified, enlarged in a menu-like fresco.

The kids went into a frenzy every time I braked and moved again and each time the image drew nearer and clearer somehow. It was the longest mental torture for the kids and their mother. We were at the truck's tail for more than 20 minutes.

So, did the kids break their fast that day?


Did their mother hang on a wee bit longer?

She wasn't even fasting in the first place. ;o)

Selamat Hari Raya Folks!

Thanks so much Nina, Phang and Chu!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Basketful of Wishes

Aidil Fitri often beckons the many gestures of giving and sharing. It's the one time of the year many hearts turn tender and sharing becomes an automatic response of the moment. Whilst Ramadhan teaches us to reach for the needy and the unfortunate, Aidil Fitri welcomes us to celebrate them and the people we love with sweet treats. Hence, the customary tradition of serving cakes and cookies with sweet beverages to the guests.

There are times when too much of a good thing becomes the least good for you and even worse for the older folks. Therefore, one needs to exercise a little bit of discretion in choosing what to bring and give. The best gifts would be ones you bake and make yourself but not many of us are granted the time to do so. The next best alternative is to have "wizcakes" with you. Made from low fat ingredients, each cake has alkaline water equivalent to mountain water as the base of its concoction. You can opt for an even healthier version, if you choose to have the vegetarian version of our chocolate fudge cake. The best thing about our line of cakes is that they can be stored in the freezer for more than 6 months. So just stock up and whenever the occasions call for them, all you need to do is to take them out and thaw before serving and savouring them.

As an act of sharing and giving this Aidil Fitri, wizcakes would like to offer the promotional pack of 2 cakes for 30rgt. Each cake weighs roughly about 400gm each. They are baked in paper moulds with flower decorations on the side and lastly wrapped daintily with doilies and ribbons to further enhance the "homemade" feel to the gift. There are two flavours, vanilla chocolate swirl and choc fudge choc. I can only bake so much so you do need to make haste and book your cakes now. Minimal order is a pack of two RM30. This promotion will continue on till the end of Syawal.

I wish only the best of Aidil Fitri for you, and may you reach your destinations safe and sound to the warmth of your family's embrace.

Take care, take lots of pictures and take to heart the beautiful experience of "Balik Kampung"

Warmest regards and maaf zahir dan batin

Thursday, September 2, 2010

PadaMu Kubersujud

The surau I once related the plight of is now operational for the daily and Terawih prayers, thanks to all the beautiful Samaritans like you. Everytime we make our presence there I would have you in my thoughts and in my prayers, to thank The Almighty for allowing me the opportunity to get to know the kind souls who have contributed to the building of the Surau. Thank you so much for helping us make space for these foreheads to rest, for these knees to kneel, for these palms to place in the direction of the Kiblat.

Ramadhan thus far has been quiet. The first week was smooth sailing, the kids were strong and we thronged the surau hand in hand together. There were times when they skipped their short distance there with tummy so full you could actually hear the sound of the unsettled glasses of water downed during iftar. The second week however, both of them had viral fever which lasted for about a week in high temperature. The third week I was down with it too. But alhamdulillah all of us have recently recovered and hope to finish the remaining of Ramadhan in strength and good spirit.

Orders of cakes alhamdulillah came in steady rows. Many participated in the charity drive and that kept us on the road to look for Rumah2 kebajikan which needed the extra cheer. Amongst the chosen houses were Rumah anak2 Yatim Darul Izzah in Bangi, Rumah Anak2 Yatim, dan ibu tunggal Nur Hikmah Kajang, Rumah anak yatim Subang Jaya, Taman Seri Harapan(OKU) Cheras and Rumah Seri Puteri Cheras. Thank you so much Afiza, Aishah, Anis, Dr. Mariam, Mai and Murni for participating. It was a pleasure to deliver the little cakes on your behalf.

The hampers below were ordered by friends. I am not so much known for my packing skill let alone decorating and arranging flower skills but I hope these were acceptable in design and effort. Thank you Mai for the endless support and Pak Arip for the trust.

I have cookies and some cakes now to make for close friends and relatives before Ramadhan draws to a close. My apologies for not updating as much and for not uploading the pictures of your cakes here. InsyaAllah will try to feature them in their best shots soon.

Till then, have a pleasant weekend with your family folks. We will be very busy doing some cleaning, wiping and washing these two days to usher the new month of Syawal.

Woohooo! Banyak nya kipas nak lap and tingkap nak cuci.