Sunday, August 8, 2010


...that's what you are.

From Suhail to the love of his life. Only Suhail can fill the cards with words from his heart. Thanks so much Suhail.

I love receiving orders from the boy to the girl, from the husband to the wife, from the brother to the sister. It says a lot about a person, about these special few men specifically, who took the extra time and effort to write to me and discuss their orders in great lengths and details. Not many men I know would commit to such a beautiful gesture.

In my many years of baking, out of 1000 people, only 10 were men. They became my knights whose jobs were to sweep their loved ones feet away. And needless to say I would often walk the extra mile just to make the cakes more than the eyes could see and the heart could fathom.

To the recipients, please please know that you are amongst the lucky few to be loved and adored by these men you called husband, brother or boyfriend.

And to these men, I salute you.

From Santhana to his Sister. Not many brothers would be as thoughtful. Thank you Sir for the order!

From Zafy to his Sweetheart. If you look at Zafy, you will know he is capable of even more sweetness. Thanks Zafy!

From Muhzil to the girl he adores. Muhzil sent his love all the way from a foreign country. Thanks Muhzil!

From a boy to a girl. I knew not who ordered these but what I know, she must be very special to him.

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Ho Ho Ho said...

that's about 1%..of men... the rest just could not be bothered... just like my Lo'Kong lor... :(

Wiz said...

Lisa - I hear ya, I hear ya!

Kitchen Guardian said...

you made the colour red very classic and paloma picasso....i must find lipstick merah..hmmm...

Wiz said...

Yanie- Why dya need the lipstick merah? Does this have anything to do with your latest project you have all cooked up now? If it has, then pass me the red lipstick too. Jom beronggeng hahahaha

JulesMD said...

betul, betul, betul! sbb tu lah hari tu when that guy ordered brownie for his hantaran bertunang, sy rasa terharu sgt, n he was so concerned abt everything, the look, the size, etc...he just wanted everything perfect for the girl he loves. sweet kan? sigh... dulu i selalu dpt bunga on my birthday...dulu la... and since dah lama tak dpt, i just kata i tak kisah coz the flowers, in the house, would only make the boys wheeze... mcm tu lah, hehe... anyways, lovely, lovely... :)

Wiz said...

Jules - Yes, dolu-dolu kan, ye la ye la, I know watcha mean hehehe.