Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bear with Me

I know you have been visiting, only to learn I have not put up the pictures of your cakes yet. I am sorry. I will as soon as I have repainted my pink elephant blue, as soon as I have reclaimed the chimney's path and as soon as I have restyled the cat's whiskers. In the mean time do bear with me a lil bit longer.


By attending my bear class at Sugarflours of course. Learn how to dress up bears in the traditional malay wedding costumes and as a bonus I will teach you other suitable wedding toppers which could just adjure the "aaawwwww" reaction from the harshest of soul.

The details are below.

Venue: Sugarflours Bangi
Date : 8th Sunday
Time : 10 am to 2 pm
Bring : Small rolling pin, modelling tools and chocolates for me ;o)
Level : Everyone who loves to make merry.
Price : 280rgt

Do contact Lisa at 0123264841 if you are interested. And I do so hope to see you there Sunday!

Thank you beary much!

Thanks so much Nurul!