Saturday, August 21, 2010

All Awake Now

"Wake up, wake up Mi!" I quivered as I tried to control my reactions after being exposed to such atrocities of the world. I wanted my husband to watch what I had just watched and to realize how complacent and how accepting we have been to the wrong things that have been fed to us in all our waking years.

It took me a few days to finish the whole compilation, watching each 10 minute episodes in between solat, sick kids and cakes. Each episode revealed new information and by the the end of the series, I couldn't close my eyes without relaying this to as many people I know. It is not just a quest, it has become my responsibility to spread and share true words from experienced people.

I am not famous neither am I influential. But if my words before this have touched you in some ways, please please take time to watch and listen to what these people are fighting for. We are not too little to make a change or too small a group to move an idea. Every iota of effort counts.

Please promise me you will watch till the end and if later you are still not convinced, then you may walk out.

InsyaAllah the time you invest in watching will be rewarded in ways unbeknownst to you.

This is the link which will direct you to the discussed issues. If you don't own much time, please watch The Arrivals" first. Open as many new tabs and let the videos finish buffering. It may take a few hours before you can watch each episode uninterrupted.

I would like to invite all, regardless of race, colour, social status and religion to watch. And I hope someday we may understand each other better and focus more on our similarities instead of bickering on our differences.

Ps. Thanks for the link Salina.

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