Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You, Yes You!

You, yes you, the one who always sits with me here,
I think you are special, to me you are so dear.
You, yes you, I spread this red carpet for,
I think you deserve sugar treats, eye candies and more.

You, yes you! I have a wonderful surprise.
An invitation to sample sugar, spice and all things nice.
You, yes you! please say that you'd drop by,
Just come as you are, and please don't say you are shy.

Me, yes me! I would be there with a couple of friends.
Why, yes why? To show you some sugar tricks with my hands.
Where, yes where? Don't worry I'll direct you to the show.
How much, yes how much? no more than a big sugary zero!

Everyone is invited to make merry the Sugarflours booth. Free demonstrations will be conducted the whole day from 10am to 6pm. Even if you are not a cake enthusiast, you are so welcome to come as there are many other booths that might interest you. Plus you'd get to meet the talented Sugarflours artists in person.

The Sugarflours team and I would be demonstrating techniques of sugarpaste presentations and sharing some tricks of the trade with you, yes YOU! Berapa kali nak cakap daaaaa.

Event: The 11th Malaysia International Food & Beverages Trade Fair
Venue: PWTC
Date: 22nd - 24th July
Time: 10am to 6pm
Attire: Smart Casual
Fee: Just show your business card
Booth: 1376

Hope to see you there! you, yes you!

7 treats:

The Stakeholder said...

hi wiz,

good luck at PWTC. wish i can go but jules will verify that my work hours are super crazy sampai nak tarik rambut and jerit mcm orang gila.

have fun there and btw, well done on yet another way to promote your creativity - to entice people to your event. so very da clever - you, yes YOU! :)


Wiz said...

Tess - Alaaaaaaaaaaaaa jom arr Tess, bring Amir along. I want to see him sing to you live! aaaaawwww.

edi said...

mmm.. (tengah pilih hari)...

zue said...

Wiz, if only......yes, if o nly, but sadly I am far away from there....if not you would see this face everyday there.....:-)all the best....

Wiz said...

Edi - Come all three days!

Zue - Mai la mai la Zue. Weekend ni mai la sini. I will be your personal tour guide. ;o)

tukanama said...

nak pergi! see u there!! =p

Wiz said...

Khalil - InsyaAllah. Nak pergi ni nak cari wedding cake ke? kui kui kui.