Thursday, July 8, 2010

While You Were Sleeping

Thanks Murni

... I baked some cakes, for you to surprise your lovely mates. While you were sleeping, I ironed with patience whilst watching you do, the toss and the turn.

Thanks Dayana

While you were sleeping, I wiped the floor, sometimes asking why you couldn't help me more. While you were sleeping, I also checked to see, if everything else was all neat and tidy.

Thanks Yam

While you were sleeping, I hummed a tune, hoping you didn't grow up on me too soon. While you were sleeping I sat by you, and all the bad, away I blew.

Thanks Diba

While you were sleeping, I talked to myself, praying for happiness and abundant of wealth. While you were sleeping, I looked at you who dreamed the dreams so beautiful I knew.

Thanks Kak Saba

While you were sleeping, suddenly my grey hair grew, the wrinkles lined up more than a few. And while you were sleeping, my eyes came to weak, I could no more see without these glasses thick.

Then you asked me "...when did it happen?

... when did you grow old all of the sudden?"

It all came never by chance. Age does add up in a blink of a glance. I was here all along, with you I grew too. Only, you grew taller in my care and I grew more white, in my hair. ;o)


Cakes baked "..while you were sleeping."

10 treats:

edi said...

while you were sleeping, i was baking but my heart yearned to be beside you sleeping too!!

(ditujukan buat suamiku yg tak akan baca post ni. hahaha)

banyaknya kek kak wiz! and semuanya different and cantik!!!

Kitchen Guardian said...


i pun tak tidorq, dok buat cake mcm you, and iron, and look at the children's books, kira botoi susu muhammad....

yam^Artfingers^ said...

everybody love babu's cake!!! especially the chocolate part! hahaah..

Wiz said...

Edi - Don't be too sure. Mana tau dia terjumpa ker. Like I am sure my husband tak baca whatever that I write about him here, nanti jeng jeng jeng dia baca. Bagus jugak kalu dia baca. Tringin dia comment "Oh isteriku, so sweet of you" hahahaha takkan la ever!

Wiz said...

Yani- kenapa nak kira sus botol Muhammad? Ada yang missing ker dilarikan kanak2 lain? I know you pun tak tido but you know me, I would romanticize the simplest and the most ordinary of things just to melayan perasaan. Haih susah orang yg berjiwa sentimental mcm I ni. Kalau blog ni bleh bercakap, lama dah dia self delete ha ha ha.

Wiz said...

Yam - Thank you so much for the order. I did two flavours to cater to a variety of people. Sometimes ada org tak suka coklat and ada org tak suka vanilla. So it is safer to do both. But it seems in your case ramai prefer chocolate ye? Ok, now I know.

So dah settle in dah into your new home?

mush, brecht & nora said...

dearest wiz, i love that movie of the same title ; ) did u watch it several times too? i still come here but it just sometimes i havent got anything to say or too much heheheh anyways, i am still clammering for time... i envy u, that u hv time to sit infront of the pc and write such wonderful stuff... keep 'em coming babe, it helps over stressed mums such as myself to keep the sanity level acceptable ; ) hehehehhe Hugs xxx

Wiz said...

Mush - I miss you la woi. I know you'll be at Salina's end of this month kan? Wished I could join you guys there, so need a break now. The song playing is taken from the movie obviously.

Have fun Mush and hug Salina for me with this message

"YOu'll find it one day"


~d!b@~ said...

salam kak wiz,
hee sedappp sangat kek akak buat untuk engagement dba + really really like the cake design! :)

hopefully next time akak amik order dba lagi ek ;)


Wiz said...

Diba - Thanks for the order DIba. I do so hope you will order for the second time. I will be waiting alright.