Monday, July 19, 2010

I realize with an open heart that life isn't supposed to be a stroll in the park or a joyful ride on a Ferris wheel either. Life is hard and complicated with sharp bends, zig zag roads and broken bridges. You will time and time again reach the end of the road with that broken bridge in front of you. I have been there and many a time I stopped to look down before retreating. It's too deep a drop and I was too weak to cast a rope to the other side...and I just stood there, not knowing.

When times like these overwhelm me, I choose to ponder about the people who are confronted with greater challenges in life. These are the special people selected by the Almighty to endure hardships before being rewarded with Jannah insyaAllah. Allah takkan uji kita jika kita tak mampu melaluinya. With that thought I brave myself yet again to charge on despite the strong currents going against my way.

Reading inspirational writings from bloggers fills me up instantly. One of my favourite writers would be Raden Galoh from onebreastbouncing blog. Her chivalry won me over million of times and her patience taught me how little I have. She was that special few who was given the chance to write and to share her life and never once she sighed a disapproval of it all. I am deeply touched by her words of wisdom and the honest writings about her fight till the last of her breath.

As I am writing this, she is at her final resting place. Semoga urusannya dipermudahkan disana and Kak Dalilah Binti Tamrin ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 yang disayangiNYA. Amin.

Al Fatihah.

The song below is a Charity Project initiated by Dalilah Tamrin a cancer patient, who has just been invited by the Creator. The production is funded by her very generous personal friends, family and bloggers around the world. The words were originally penned by Dalilah herself, later edited. (words adapted from Raden's Sis In Law's blog)

Kembaliku Kepada Ilahi

Ku jitukan yakin
Pada setiap sujudku
Jariku susun rapi
Mengirim doa tulus nurani

Waktu yang mendatang
Bak mega mendung hitam
Kelam malam aku sendiri

Hujung perjalanan pasti aku pergi
Tiada mungkin dapat aku menghindari
Sebelum nafasku berhenti berdetik
Amankanlah kepedihan ini
Biar pun getir dalam ku menanti
Tak berdaya namun terus ku hadapi
Menggapai harapan diriku terpilih
Kembaliku padaMu Ilahi
Kembaliku padaMu Ilahi

Hilangkan getar duka
Gusar jauh terusir
Terang bersinar cahaya damai

Lagu: Azalea April 2010
Lirik: Raden Galoh/Azalea April 2010

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Kitchen Guardian said...

i sat nxt to her the whole morning until she left for her home and final resting place...and i'm still teary...she definitely had imapcted us all in wonderful wonderful ways...and many a time when i poured my heart out for whatever challenges tht i go through...only to find out her misery and troubles are much greater than mine, and always it would be me crying while talking to i kissed her this morning i wished that she didn't have to go...she has taught me the true meaning of courage....
you pun sama wiz!

Wiz said...

Yani - I didn't know her in person. But I hope she received my prayers and yassin and my eternal warmest thoughts. I am just as teary eyed as you are Yani. Take care k.

zue said...

Salam Wiz, I share your emotions and feelings for the brave lady. I came across her blog before and like you said , no matter how hard and difficult our lives are, just take a good look around for those who endure greater pain and sadness far greater than ours, and we should feel blessed and grateful for whatever was bestowed upon us. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas beliau, hanya doa dan Alfatihah yang mampu diberikan. Sama2 lah kita ingat mengingati sesama kita, insyaallah....

Wiz said...

Zue - Yes, kita ingatkan sesama kita. Thanks Zue

Rin said...

hidup ni penuh misteri ... we never know what had instored for us. ini semua kerja Tuhan. i alwaz told myself to be strong for whatever the obstacles in the path..and most of the time - i failed:-( but i know i'll be fine in HIS hands .. we all going to be fine. have faith ... salam

Wiz said...

Rin - Thanks for dropping by. Sometimes we fail misrably in His test. I guess it is because we are only humans weak and flawed. I know I am.

JulesMD said...

hi wiz...i nak nangis...sbb tu lah tess call i mdm emo! but i think kita semua faham perasaan mcm ni kan? n each indiv wud handle it uniqly. i hv a soft spot for cancer, n dats y i dedicate my jules efforts to cancer, amongst others. did i tell u abt my bleeding ulcer experience? well, let's just say it was an eye opener, n a basis for me to share w others the importance of doing good n loving well in our living years. i'm not financially rich, but i consider myself rich, alhamdulillah, rich w love, family, friends, n all the delectable hi calory stuf! hehe... n may i admit here, that i'm not the very pious one either, i stil hv devils within me, hehe, but one thing that i'm never uncertain of, is His power, His greatness n His divine love, He will never fail u as long as u believe... insyaAllah... thanks for sharing wiz :)

edelweiss said...



Wiz said...

Jules- Eh bukan I ke the Emo queen? Good to know I am not the only one.

Things like this makes us closer to Him. After I listened to this song, I pun menyusun rapi jari2 ni sujud mintak ampun and to say my thanks.

Take care Jules.

Wiz said...

Edelweiss - Hugs back!

Sugarpink Icing said...

Wiz, i just knew about her when i read abt it on FB, I quickly browse thru ther blog and felt so emotional, hopeless and was in tears. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang orang yang beriman, amin.