Thursday, July 29, 2010

Creating Seribu Impian

I have never dreamed to do what I do today. I just went with the flow. And the flow dictated the path of an educator, a profession very close to the heart. So I teach day in and day out, forcing students to master a language, a language I have yet to be the master of. But after awhile dreams changed.

Now, I am still dreaming with each dream materializing every small step that I take, slowly but surely. And I don't dream alone. We are all cast in a dream boat and this boat takes us places and brings us together as a team and most importantly as a family, united in our mission.

Our mission?

To make all YOUR dreams come true!

Some of the demonstrations conducted throughout the three day event and amongst the audience was Chef Ismail.

It was such fun at the MIFB PWTC last weekend. We extended our friendships to people near and far. It was just humbling to meet everyone of you who came and made time to drop by, even it was just to say hello. We echoed every hello and every hi on a very high note and we welcome your support and kind words.

On behalf of Sugarflours Dream Team, Pn Watie, Lisa, Chef Din, Ida, Ika, Intan, Putput, Tun, Ina, Lea, and Kak Pridah kita, we would like to say...

Thank you thank you thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Till we meet again and may all your dreams come true.

And to Pn Watie, my heartfelt gratitude for this opportunity.

warmest regards


Chef Deen with the cake I made specially for the day.

This guy is not part of the dream team, just thought he was cool hehehehehe

10 treats:

zue said...

Salam Wiz,
maybe next time.....missed that....

tina_bakes said...

what a whimsical cake, Wiz... something only you can make!! we want you to keep on dreaming so we can continue to be mesmerised by your dreamy creations :)

edi said...

salam kak wiz,
too bad i couldnt make it :(
next time i'allah..

ps:the cake is adorable!

Kitchen Guardian said...


of course i dont have to dream of genious! btw i got your tea!muahhsss

Min Bakingproject said...

berpusing-pusing I mencari your booth Wiz, but it was too crowded and tak jumpa ! Well, catch you next time. The cakes looks great :)

Lisajoehari said...

Thank you so much for being a part of Sugarflours Dream Team, Wizzie! It was definitely fun to have you there and thank you for lending your 'belakang baju' for our sugar flowers photography session! hehehe
Lisa Sugarflours

eLiza said...

I ader ke sana juga & visit r booth. Tapi malangnya belum kenal sapa2 lg kt Sugarflour. Maybe some other time sbb igt nk gi kelas kat sana :-)

Wiz said...

Zue - Salam Zue. I was hoping you'd make it. Tu la tak der rezeki. Hope they will be a next time.

Tina - I am as dreamy as dream itself. But my mum calls it spaced out or lack of focus hehehehe. Apasal you tak singgah.

Edi - Benci tau. Kita tunggu la dia. Mrajuk dah.

Yanie - You missed it Yanie. It would be fun if you could hang around. Thanks for the tea.

Min - Alaaaaaaaaa Min. I would just shriek if I nampak you. I pun selalu hilang tak jumpa sugarflours. Truk tul. Hope to see you bila2 nanti k.

Lisa - Thanks for the invite. It was cool to be amongst positive vibe of the dream team. Too bad Watie could not stay till the end kan. You can use my back anytime...doesn't sound right somehow hahahaha

Eliza - Hi! tak kenal sapa2 pun tak per. The dream team is the friendliest lot. They love company. Just tegur je k and they will welcome you. DO come over to Sugarflours to see what class you are interested in. Thanks for coming yea.

Lisajoehari said...

Wizzie... you can upload your class schedule :) hehe xoxo

Wiz said...

Lisa- Yes Lisa. I was away these two days. Just got back and I am uploading it at 2 am now.