Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Apple Tree

I can sit there for hours, leaning on the Apple tree. I take refuge under it, looking up to see the bountiful rezeki, basking in the colours of fruity red. It's the season again, the apple tree from my backyard is starting to bear fruits in all its greatest splendour. Sharing them has never been an issue for the squirrels and the birds are more than willing to stay. It is a tree for all to take comfort in.

The old Apple tree sheds its fruits at the height of summer. The bounty often falls on its own disregarding anyone who sits under it. And if you are hit by one, you might get an apple bump on your head, one you can't make apple pies with ;o)

When apples come rolling down on you, the dessert menu would change too. Apple pies, Apple crumbles, apple jams, apple pastry and apple juice decorate the spread on your table. Vanilla ice cream and custard cream suddenly become your best friend, as they make the best company for your apple treats. I made fresh apple cake for my grandma and makngah the other night, something you might enjoy trying. A recipe of minimal ingredients which can be whipped up anytime you fancy. I made mine with three large apples. These are the things you need to get ready with.

Visiting Opah Apple cake.

55gm of butter ( That's all I had)
3/4 cup of castor sugar
2 large eggs
a tablespoon of sunquick orange
a tablespoon of honey or golden syrup

1 cup of all purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
a pinch of salt
half teaspoon of cinnamon powder

3 large apples cubed
a handful of walnuts chopped
a heapful of brown sugar

Cream butter and sugar before adding eggs. Put the other wet ingredients such as orange and golden syrup or honey and whisk till combined. Sift the dry ingredients and mix it in with the wet. Last put all the apples, walnuts and give it a quick stir. Sprinkle the brown sugar on the batter for that extra bite of crunch. I baked mine in a loaf pan and opah and makngah's in a cake pan. You can put other nuts or sultanas for additional sweetness but I like mine just the way they are.

There are seldom any leftovers when I make these, not because my family enjoys them, because I eat them alllllll muahahahaha. Anyway, if you are in the mood of sharing like I am today, you might find these ideas pretty.

Divide the apple cake into three and wrap them separately in an aluminium foil. If you have a nice serviette, use it to embellish the simple gift and lastly tie the packages with ribbons or whatever that you have. These above will go out to special people tonight. Hope they like them.

How did I grow an Apple tree in my backyard?
Why, with a little bit of imagination of course! ;o)

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M-O-M said...

heheheh...baru nak dtg visit petik apple....

Kitchen Guardian said...


you kalau i bagi batu and kayu pun you can create some food out of it :)hmmm, teringat the sheppeard's pie you gave!

tina_bakes said...

Wiz, if this is even half as good as your carrot muffins, I must try!! :) thanks for sharing!!

edi said...

hmm.. macam mana kak wiz buleh ade apple tree blakang umah ni? jelous.. jelous.. i punya ada jugak.. tp kat tesco! hehehe...

nice pics! camera baru ka? and the idea of wrapping the cakes in aluminum foils tu sungguh brilliant! :D cantik sgt!

Wiz said...

Dian - Mesti dah plan nak bawak bakul kan ha haha so boleh kutip apple2 ku yang manis itu.

Wiz said...

Yani - You tak rasa lagi I masak eraser pie. Gooey and chewy. Kat rumah I ni pun ada pokok eraser, buah berlamabk2 jer merata2 kat rumah ni.

Wiz said...

Tina- The cake is for people who don't have a sweet tooth. Not sweet at all, manis2 buah jer. I had to make something not so sweet for my diabetic opah. It's soft and tender. I like the crunch ontop.

Wiz said...

Edi- Apple tree kat blakang rumah ahaks, at the back of my mind adalah. Tesco amik ration apples dia from me la edi ha ha haha.

Camera lama la Edi, Sony RM399 with 7.2 megapixels. So old battery dia pun pakai yang AA tu k. But thanks for the compiment.

Sugarpink Icing said...

ohhh I wish i can petk the apple from yr backyard :((
the cake looks yummy Wiz, i must try the receipe.

Wiz said...

Sugarpink Icing - I wished the same too.

iaaini said...

Salam Wiz, nak tanya, butter tu just 55gm aje yek? Is it enough? Epal2 tu potong cube kecik2 aje ke? Boleh guna apa2 jenis apple ke? Tq Wiz.

Rin said...

hehehehehe....very cute wiz...:-) {big smile on my cheeks dat made de dimples deeper and deeper ;-)}

Wiz said...

Iaaini - InsyaAllah cukup. Just follow my recipe, you'll be fine. The epals tu I used the red apples. But you can use the green ones. I think you can put dlm 4 large appels. Sebab hari tu masa kak wiz buat rasa tak cukup plak. Should have put more. Yes, potong cube kecik2. It's not a sweet cake so atas batter tu put brown sugar yg digaul sikit dgn cinnamon, baru umph.

Rin - You have dimples? that's nice. I have many trees in my backyard eventhough I don't have a backyard, but still I grow many tress there ;o)

nanasyazna said...

kakak....i love the wrapping idea...;)