Thursday, July 29, 2010

Creating Seribu Impian

I have never dreamed to do what I do today. I just went with the flow. And the flow dictated the path of an educator, a profession very close to the heart. So I teach day in and day out, forcing students to master a language, a language I have yet to be the master of. But after awhile dreams changed.

Now, I am still dreaming with each dream materializing every small step that I take, slowly but surely. And I don't dream alone. We are all cast in a dream boat and this boat takes us places and brings us together as a team and most importantly as a family, united in our mission.

Our mission?

To make all YOUR dreams come true!

Some of the demonstrations conducted throughout the three day event and amongst the audience was Chef Ismail.

It was such fun at the MIFB PWTC last weekend. We extended our friendships to people near and far. It was just humbling to meet everyone of you who came and made time to drop by, even it was just to say hello. We echoed every hello and every hi on a very high note and we welcome your support and kind words.

On behalf of Sugarflours Dream Team, Pn Watie, Lisa, Chef Din, Ida, Ika, Intan, Putput, Tun, Ina, Lea, and Kak Pridah kita, we would like to say...

Thank you thank you thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Till we meet again and may all your dreams come true.

And to Pn Watie, my heartfelt gratitude for this opportunity.

warmest regards


Chef Deen with the cake I made specially for the day.

This guy is not part of the dream team, just thought he was cool hehehehehe

Friday, July 23, 2010


Thanks so much Elle!

See you there, Cupcakes!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You, Yes You!

You, yes you, the one who always sits with me here,
I think you are special, to me you are so dear.
You, yes you, I spread this red carpet for,
I think you deserve sugar treats, eye candies and more.

You, yes you! I have a wonderful surprise.
An invitation to sample sugar, spice and all things nice.
You, yes you! please say that you'd drop by,
Just come as you are, and please don't say you are shy.

Me, yes me! I would be there with a couple of friends.
Why, yes why? To show you some sugar tricks with my hands.
Where, yes where? Don't worry I'll direct you to the show.
How much, yes how much? no more than a big sugary zero!

Everyone is invited to make merry the Sugarflours booth. Free demonstrations will be conducted the whole day from 10am to 6pm. Even if you are not a cake enthusiast, you are so welcome to come as there are many other booths that might interest you. Plus you'd get to meet the talented Sugarflours artists in person.

The Sugarflours team and I would be demonstrating techniques of sugarpaste presentations and sharing some tricks of the trade with you, yes YOU! Berapa kali nak cakap daaaaa.

Event: The 11th Malaysia International Food & Beverages Trade Fair
Venue: PWTC
Date: 22nd - 24th July
Time: 10am to 6pm
Attire: Smart Casual
Fee: Just show your business card
Booth: 1376

Hope to see you there! you, yes you!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I realize with an open heart that life isn't supposed to be a stroll in the park or a joyful ride on a Ferris wheel either. Life is hard and complicated with sharp bends, zig zag roads and broken bridges. You will time and time again reach the end of the road with that broken bridge in front of you. I have been there and many a time I stopped to look down before retreating. It's too deep a drop and I was too weak to cast a rope to the other side...and I just stood there, not knowing.

When times like these overwhelm me, I choose to ponder about the people who are confronted with greater challenges in life. These are the special people selected by the Almighty to endure hardships before being rewarded with Jannah insyaAllah. Allah takkan uji kita jika kita tak mampu melaluinya. With that thought I brave myself yet again to charge on despite the strong currents going against my way.

Reading inspirational writings from bloggers fills me up instantly. One of my favourite writers would be Raden Galoh from onebreastbouncing blog. Her chivalry won me over million of times and her patience taught me how little I have. She was that special few who was given the chance to write and to share her life and never once she sighed a disapproval of it all. I am deeply touched by her words of wisdom and the honest writings about her fight till the last of her breath.

As I am writing this, she is at her final resting place. Semoga urusannya dipermudahkan disana and Kak Dalilah Binti Tamrin ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 yang disayangiNYA. Amin.

Al Fatihah.

The song below is a Charity Project initiated by Dalilah Tamrin a cancer patient, who has just been invited by the Creator. The production is funded by her very generous personal friends, family and bloggers around the world. The words were originally penned by Dalilah herself, later edited. (words adapted from Raden's Sis In Law's blog)

Kembaliku Kepada Ilahi

Ku jitukan yakin
Pada setiap sujudku
Jariku susun rapi
Mengirim doa tulus nurani

Waktu yang mendatang
Bak mega mendung hitam
Kelam malam aku sendiri

Hujung perjalanan pasti aku pergi
Tiada mungkin dapat aku menghindari
Sebelum nafasku berhenti berdetik
Amankanlah kepedihan ini
Biar pun getir dalam ku menanti
Tak berdaya namun terus ku hadapi
Menggapai harapan diriku terpilih
Kembaliku padaMu Ilahi
Kembaliku padaMu Ilahi

Hilangkan getar duka
Gusar jauh terusir
Terang bersinar cahaya damai

Lagu: Azalea April 2010
Lirik: Raden Galoh/Azalea April 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's Just!

Thanks Nurul!

It was one of those mornings, when you were startled from your sleep with a blank on your face. The air was as cold as the empty space next to you, for the warmth has left the building. After packing their lunches and sending everyone to the door, I sneaked back into bed for a shut eye replacing the much needed hours of sleep. The extra one hour packs the push I require daily. A dose I can't do without.

Thanks Rohaiza!

By 8.30am I was up and about, checking my emails and noting down the orders for the week. I then picked up the laundry basket and headed downstairs, straight to the kitchen to deposit the dirty clothes. The washing machine was set on a fuzzy mode and so was I that day. My mind kept reverting to the conversation I had with my Australian friend who phoned me the evening before. We delved into the subject of love. I remembered telling her that being in love was totally different from loving someone. She laughed and then cried to my ludicrous examples simultaneously accepting the sincerity of it all.

Thanks Ida Sargasso Marcello!

My own thoughts bugged me for awhile. I realized, I too miss the state of being in love. The staring, the note writing and passing(masa tu tak de handphone nak sms), the exchanging gifts or food( I have to thank my cousin Kak Lin for helping me buy the donuts , cookies and all), the state of daze and maze. It's been 12 years since we last had a date just the two of us. I sat down with that thought, downing the chocolate chip cookies with a mug of plain water when a familiar sound interrupted my sugar high breakfast. I took a peep to see what it was and to my delightful surprise, there he was, my husband snoring on the sofa! It was as if he came back for me, like instances from movie scenes when the hero appeared from nowhere to save the damsel in distress. lol!

I coughed a cough and made sure he heard me with

" came back!"

"...saya sakit gigi la, demam ni" "Need to go to the dentist later"

And I clasped my hand, eyes so wide, blinked a couple of times and pretended he said something more romantic and suggested we spend the day together even if it was to accompany him to the dentist. Skipped my way upstairs ( stopped halfway, hands on waist, panted a lil bit), took a shower and donned on my best baju and ran downstairs to say "Jom! I'm ready!" after poking his eyes and nose and ears just so he'd wake up.

Thanks Farrah!

We had until 4pm before fetching kakak from school. It was just the two us that afternoon. We walked hand in hand to the dentist, I was in a good mood and he was in bad pain. He had to watch me slurping ais kacang and I had to watch him drooling over it. Later we dropped by at his favourite stall for some rojak and cendol and he had a little bit whilst I had the rest. No need to eat daintily, sip prettily, unlike our first date, we needed not to pretend.

All we needed was some time to fall in love,

...all over again.

"...nanti awak sakit gigi lagi, we go out again k" ;o)

Monday, July 12, 2010

At Your Side

It was rather unusual to have liked someone who had nothing similar to share with you. He likes all that is strong and aggressive, be it in music or in ideas. Whilst I like anything and everything that go against his very first thought of the world...intentionally ;o). I find it therapeutic to like the opposites of what he adores. A fan of Manchester United he is and I suddenly felt the need to roar for Liverpool instead. A Barcelona supporter is constantly battling with a Real Madrid fan on the couch. He is all red and I am all blue. When he goes blue, I go all red. What was done intentionally initially has turned into something natural for me to do and react. He now has learnt how to roll his eyes every time he sees me going against him competitively and I roll mine right back at him, all in the name of a game ;o)

Being the tiger in chains as he is, I am perhaps the only person who dares to venture his dark side and gets away almost every time unscathed. Tis because I seem to be holding the candle in the dark when the pathway is no where to be found. That's the time the tiger walks paw in paw with the mouse. And no matter how different we are in traits, together we work as a team side by side.

This has got to be the longest tunnel journey for us. I just hope the candle flickers through till the end. It's either that or you'll never hear about the mouse.

Walk with me Chamee, you'll never walk alone heeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I will be in trouble when he reads this. He just hates the tagline above. Lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Lariiiiiiiiiii!

Thanks so much Dayana!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

While You Were Sleeping

Thanks Murni

... I baked some cakes, for you to surprise your lovely mates. While you were sleeping, I ironed with patience whilst watching you do, the toss and the turn.

Thanks Dayana

While you were sleeping, I wiped the floor, sometimes asking why you couldn't help me more. While you were sleeping, I also checked to see, if everything else was all neat and tidy.

Thanks Yam

While you were sleeping, I hummed a tune, hoping you didn't grow up on me too soon. While you were sleeping I sat by you, and all the bad, away I blew.

Thanks Diba

While you were sleeping, I talked to myself, praying for happiness and abundant of wealth. While you were sleeping, I looked at you who dreamed the dreams so beautiful I knew.

Thanks Kak Saba

While you were sleeping, suddenly my grey hair grew, the wrinkles lined up more than a few. And while you were sleeping, my eyes came to weak, I could no more see without these glasses thick.

Then you asked me "...when did it happen?

... when did you grow old all of the sudden?"

It all came never by chance. Age does add up in a blink of a glance. I was here all along, with you I grew too. Only, you grew taller in my care and I grew more white, in my hair. ;o)


Cakes baked "..while you were sleeping."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Apple Tree

I can sit there for hours, leaning on the Apple tree. I take refuge under it, looking up to see the bountiful rezeki, basking in the colours of fruity red. It's the season again, the apple tree from my backyard is starting to bear fruits in all its greatest splendour. Sharing them has never been an issue for the squirrels and the birds are more than willing to stay. It is a tree for all to take comfort in.

The old Apple tree sheds its fruits at the height of summer. The bounty often falls on its own disregarding anyone who sits under it. And if you are hit by one, you might get an apple bump on your head, one you can't make apple pies with ;o)

When apples come rolling down on you, the dessert menu would change too. Apple pies, Apple crumbles, apple jams, apple pastry and apple juice decorate the spread on your table. Vanilla ice cream and custard cream suddenly become your best friend, as they make the best company for your apple treats. I made fresh apple cake for my grandma and makngah the other night, something you might enjoy trying. A recipe of minimal ingredients which can be whipped up anytime you fancy. I made mine with three large apples. These are the things you need to get ready with.

Visiting Opah Apple cake.

55gm of butter ( That's all I had)
3/4 cup of castor sugar
2 large eggs
a tablespoon of sunquick orange
a tablespoon of honey or golden syrup

1 cup of all purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
a pinch of salt
half teaspoon of cinnamon powder

3 large apples cubed
a handful of walnuts chopped
a heapful of brown sugar

Cream butter and sugar before adding eggs. Put the other wet ingredients such as orange and golden syrup or honey and whisk till combined. Sift the dry ingredients and mix it in with the wet. Last put all the apples, walnuts and give it a quick stir. Sprinkle the brown sugar on the batter for that extra bite of crunch. I baked mine in a loaf pan and opah and makngah's in a cake pan. You can put other nuts or sultanas for additional sweetness but I like mine just the way they are.

There are seldom any leftovers when I make these, not because my family enjoys them, because I eat them alllllll muahahahaha. Anyway, if you are in the mood of sharing like I am today, you might find these ideas pretty.

Divide the apple cake into three and wrap them separately in an aluminium foil. If you have a nice serviette, use it to embellish the simple gift and lastly tie the packages with ribbons or whatever that you have. These above will go out to special people tonight. Hope they like them.

How did I grow an Apple tree in my backyard?
Why, with a little bit of imagination of course! ;o)