Monday, June 7, 2010

Fashionably Late!

Thanks so much Rizal!

If there is such a concept, I am one who is the trendiest in this latest fashion department. I am soooooooo way behind cake updates and I am strutting my guilt collection on the runway right now for all to admire. Just don't throw rotten eggs and tomatoes just yet. The show isn't over till the fat lady sings.

7 treats:

zue said...

wiz dear, it's absoolutely gorgeous!

Kitchen Guardian said...

oh oh ..can you make me a gown in this colour!

M-O-M said...

saaangat canteks

JulesMD said...

cantik, cantik, cantik!

Ida said...

wiz, this cake reminds me of the cindrella gown her little animal friends helped to make :)

Wiz said...

zue - Thanks so much. I am no fashion designer and making a gown for a cake to be given to one fashion designer is nerve wrecking! I am sure she went " o what is this?" Just hope it's passable like I told the boyfriend.

Yani - you like gowns? I never knew you were a gown person he he he

Dian - Terimas kasihsss.

Jules - I hope Tessa's cake will also get the same pujian from you. I am so nervous!

Ida - It was a gown for Cinderella and many small creatures did help me make it. Not fury creatures k, the ants and the my kids ha ha ha.

tina_bakes said...

sangat2 gorgeous in true wiz fashion!!! even gorgeous is an understatement!!