Saturday, June 12, 2010

Aku Cinta Padamu


I carried this song in my heart, sometimes swaying to the melody only audible to me. I let the sweet shades of pastels resurface in almost all of my creations resembling the mood I was in...cinta mood. At times when I was too tired, I springed to more upbeat numbers like "Direnjis-renjis Dipilis" and "Selamat Pengantin Baru", songs I look forward to listening bila pergi rumah orang kahwin. O how I just love being present at weddings, the glorious traditional food, the myriad colours of baju kebaya and kurungs, the aroma of bunga rampai, the gelak tawa saudara mara. Indah
... sungguh.

The past two weeks saw me walking in my sleep and sleeping in my walk. My house was probably the only house on my street emitting sweet aroma of cake in the wee hours. Everything had to work double time, the exhaust fan, the oven, the mixer, the me. I stretched myself so hard that a couple of times I thought I heard something snapped inside. It wasn't just baking, it was also juggling between teaching, driving, cooking, washing, tutoring and mothering. Penat

It's time now, for me to take a little breather before the school resumes next week. I will still bake, can't run away from my oven. Other people carry their blackberry, their PDA, laptops and notebooks, I on the other hand have an oven on my back. Maybe I will jump start on my plan, a kembara of sort..."Kembara Seorang Baker". How's that for a change?

Tumpang lalu Nigella.

Thanks Liza!

Thanks Zurina!
Thanks Mr. Burn!

Thanks Lina!

Thanks Nani!

Thanks Rita!

I would like to take the opportunity to wish all friends of wizcakes "Selamat Pengantin Baru" semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat, dilimpahi rezeki dan dipanjangkan umur. Amin.

I will be away for a week and when I come back, insyaAllah I will upload the rest of the pictures. Til then, have a gorgeous time with your family and friends. Drive safe, rest well and take care!

Warmest Regards


4 treats:

mush, brecht & nora said...

in return, saya ingin mengucapkan kepada Wiz & darling husband, selamat pengantin lama... saya pasti perasaan cinta antara Wiz dan hero Wiz selalu baru kan!? hehehhe U make gorgeous creations from the super tiny ovens, i hope one day i can show up at your door step and buy u a whole new super kitchen!!!


edi said...

have a great holiday kak wiz!
*humming to the song*

hs said...

hi wiz, the black and white cake is so gorgeous...lacey black!

Wiz said...

Musg - Wiz terima ucapan mu itu dengan penuh rasa cinta di hati. And for your thoughts to even show up with new gadgets for me pun dah memadai sgt2. I am the thoughts that count kinda person. Thank you so so much.

Edi - Thanks Edi. But nampak macam kena cut short jer.

Hs - Thank you thank you. Itu free hand drawing jer tu. NAk beli stencul tak mampu. So expensive. Are you in Malaysia yet?