Tuesday, May 4, 2010

If your mum is like mine with a cavity in her sweet tooth, you need more than just flowers and chocolates to fill it up. She deserves something more decadent and yet healthy to savour on her special day. It should also be a treat for all to enjoy, a celebration for all to remember and a taste for all to savour.

Nothing beats the presence of a chocolate cake on the table, all glossy, shiny and ready to be served to your favourite person in the whole world. The cake shouldn't be too sweet nor too rich or too milky. The chocolate should be bittersweet, just the way my mum likes it.

Double Choc Fudge Cake

Now, if your mum is like mine with a cavity in her sweet tooth, this is just what you need.

Happy Mother's Day Mak, Umi, Ibu, Mummy, Mama, Encik, Bonda...

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4 treats:

Kitchen Guardian said...

you bet whiz...nothing beats a slice of chocolate cake for....whatever occasion! i loved your choc moist cake!

JulesMD said...

wiz, habih tu, siapa pulak nak buat kek bagi kita, kan? or i order fr u, u order fr me? hehehehehe... takpe, i sabar menanti for september... :) anyway, here's wishing you a very happy mother's day! i thot i wanted a handbag fr my guys, but then again, all i really want is sleep, and a clean house!

KC said...


nice choc cake..

Wiz said...

Yanie - Thanks Yanie. Chocolate cakes bring people together.

Jules - Habis tu, kita la perasan sorang2 buat untuk diri masing2. Kalu you duk dekat selalu la I order, masalah problemnya you duk nuuuuunnn sana, I duk nuuuuuunnn sini.

KC - Where have you been? Nice seeing you here.