Monday, May 24, 2010

For Once

...I am good with all that is said and done. When things are just meant to be, wriggling free is not an option. You just have to embrace them wholeheartedly and always look at the brighter side of the hill where the sun lends its shine. And a hill I did climb literally, huffing and puffing all the way up, acknowledging all my weaknesses along the way. I am not as fit as I thought I was. The last hill I climbed was Gunung Lambak, which was 14 years ago, when the muscles were much stronger, the will much steadier and the weight much lighter. Ascending a gunung then didn't leave much after effect in comparison to climbing a hill now. Several days after and it was still ouch ouch ouch all over.

A sweet blogger friend spurred me into this climbing act and I am just glad I did. Thanks Edi. The kids and the other half enjoyed the experience and insyaAllah we would make it a regular affair.

It's true what they say .."it's the climb". The climb that composes you. And I am far from being a complete compositon. I am still work in progress.

ooops gotta go, got kids to fetch and send and fetch and send and fetch again.
Broga Hill May 2010

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tina_bakes said...

life is full of climbs, kan?? kudos to you and the brood for the successful climb. btw, your daughter is sooo tall now, almost same height with daddy!!

Ida said...

so..bila nak pergi lagi nih?

edi said...

kak wiz, we're planning to climb again this 30th may. hopefully this time i x sakit punggung lagi :P

nice shots u got there.. when i was there the sky was not as blue.. cantik!

Wiz said...

Tina - Thanks Tina. Yes life is full of climbs. My daughter tinggi and kuruih. Mak dia pendek and tembam ha ha ha.

Da - kita gi Wesak nak?

Edi - YEs the sky was blue sebab kita orang terlambat pergi. Dah nak dekat tghari dah. You went subuh kan tu sebab tak blue lagi. It was so hot and my pinggang rasa nak tercabut. Halfway rasa nak give up, tetiba tgk makcik tua pakai tongkat on her way down. Ter malus plaks rasa nya. She was probably 70 year old kut. I went to her and said, Makcik I am so proud of you. Dia senyum jer. Lepas tu baru semangat sikit nak naik.

DaNaSh said...

wah wah wah wiz..still looking good

Wiz said...

Naza - Setelah naik bukit terus looking good Naza. Betul! Cubalah naik bukit Broga ni, magic heeeeeeeeeee.