Wednesday, May 26, 2010

For Once Too

... I would like to invite you to where colours such as these

Thank you so much Zafirah.

Thank you so much Mr. Isa

Thank you so much Azareena.

...come to play.

My Australian friend, Miss Redhat, has been bugging me to let her take a peek into what seems to be my play pan cum work station cum kitchen cum workshop cum laboratory. A place where the heart beats the most, the aroma smells the best and the laughter drowns the rest. It's my office, I would like to call it, so that the kids take me seriously whenever I have to work extra hours there, ada la rasa professional2 sikit ;o). So next time if you called in and asked me of my location and if I told you I was at the office, you'd know exactly where that is.

This is definitively not an entry to exhibit how sophisticated my kitchen appliances are. Nothing fancy stand to work in my kitchen. Many are surprised to learn I do not own industrial sized electric gadgets such as the oven or mixers. What I have is a manageable size for me to buy and to use, adequate to produce all the cakes that you have seen here in my blogspace. I am not a big time operator folks, just another home baker juggling between many other responsibilities granted upon me.

and jeng jeng jeng...

Welcome to my Office folks!

This is considered the office area where orders are received and sketched invisibly in the air. I don't do pencil sketches of any kind. Soooo not professional of me.

This is the mixing, baking and rolling the fondant area. As you can see I only have two below 100rgt ovens placed atop my kitchen counter. Both are presents from my lil sis. Thanks Da.

There you have it Miss Redhat. This entry is for you.

Have a beautiful long weekend now folks. To all who are celebrating Wesak tomorrow, Happy Wesak Day!

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edi said...

kak wiz! i ada plate "the world's best cupcakes" sebijik mcm u, gantung at my "office" jugak! my friend from kuantan gave it to me, siap pos lagi.. x sangka.. :D

Ida said... lil inexpensive birthday gift for you, would fit right in...hehehe...too bad it tak sempat masuk this would have been nice...

Wiz said...

Edi - All the cupcake thingy are given by friends too. I don't collect actually but since they are presents from dear friends, it would be nice to display them.

Ida - It better be a hammock!

Ms Red Hat said...

Wiz i am waiting with abated breath that your coffee table book in the future will have loads of pics from your kitchen!

The kitchen is simply you - warm, colourful and insanely creative!

Jasmine said...

Ka Wiz, swing tu tempat buang stress ka? hehe, nice kitchen, and yes people always assume we need fancy gadgets to produce our yummy treats, have a good weekend, wassalam, Jasmine

Wiz said...

Ms Red Hat - Aaaa that would be the day to have my own book published. Thanks for always reminding me of the one thing I have yet to do.

Jasmine - Ha ha ha swing tu tempat buang segalanya. It's an attachment really to the babies I once fed when they were swinging away. Now babies all grown up. Thanks for dropping by.

zue said...

your 'office'.... I like....very much esp the kitchen counter top, the black and white one tu...

Wiz said...

Zue - ...and I like your house, the earthy tone all over it captures serenity everyday.

mush, brecht & nora said...

dearest wiz
thanks for sharing your cosy office with us, i wish my office was just as nice.... u r lucky indeed Wiz! Hugs!