Monday, May 17, 2010

Flowers In My Heart

"Mama nak apa for Mother's Day?" A question most awaited since I had so many on my mother's list. Among others were tidy rooms, neat drawers, finished homework, brushed teeth, combed hair(without mama telling every night and morning!), kept plates and glasses, sorted out laundry and the list seemed to go on and on. As I was just about to sweetly blow their faces and hair with my requests, I suddenly turned poetic on them.

"I want flowers..."

"alaaa mama, we don't have money to buy you flowers" reasoned my daughter.

"I want flowers my heart" I went to finish my sentence. They looked at each other with eyes extra wide, eye brows extra raised, noses extra kembang-ed and mouths extra rounded. There were no more questions after that, only answers on their faces. Apparently they knew what I wanted beating me to it. And naturally it should be a surprise and the surprise should only be revealed after I came home from class that Sunday.

Thanks so so much Dora!

So off I went to class last Sunday carrying an empty vase in my heart. I knew it would be filled with flowers when I returned home, abundant of flowers of all colours. The kids called me almost every other minute, reporting their good deeds and how they have been nice to each other which I doubted aplenty...knowing them. I was just happy to know that they were trying, the least a mother could hope for.

The moment I entered the front door, adik blurted out all the surprise and kakak smacking adik for doing so and there and then they had a fight...aiyoo.

My flowers?

Kakak had the table set for tea with nuggets she fried to a perfect crisp and cake I made the day before all dressed up with Mother's Day wishes. The Adik took out a crumpled card which he has been hiding with a picture of him holding hands with me with lots of love. And the best of all when he showed me his homework all written legibly, neat and tidy with lines so straight I almost cried.

And then they asked,

"...mama happy tak?"

I crooned "...happy sangat."

" happy mama?" A question they always ask everytime they did something nice.

"...happy macam ada flowers in my heart." and they jumped yayyyyyy!

Now ni tgh make room in this heart of mine for more flowers in a bigger vase for my husband to fill it up, heeeeeeeeee.

Tried a few tricks on Picasa and came out with this. Thanks again Dora!

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notti netti said...

sangat cantikkkkkkk......

Kitchen Guardian said...

can i order these for myself? as in happy mama's day to me he he! and the colours are so very me!

Kitchen Guardian said...

chop! is tt the brigitte cutter...and wiz...happy birthday!

yam^Artfingers^ said...

how can i eat such a beautiful cake???!! isn't it better to frame it?Lol!

edi said...

how can one eat these??????
oh.. i tak sanggup...

zue said...

I had and still have the same wish list, tidy room, neat drawers, shoes and socks in their places, etc,etc, but wishful thinking, the wish are still there,still in the list, but I did get surprise cards from my kids.dunno when I'd be able to tick one by one off my list, I'd be a much happier mum, not that I am not happy now, but would be much happier and probably less tired too......there's always a blessing.....happy mums day to the way, nice & stunning usual.....

Wiz said...

Netti - Thanks so much.

Yani - You can make it for yourself and have inside the fondant your fav of devil's cake tu. But this one was luscious red velvet. Yes, it was the tiny brigette cutter yang mata I naik juling menekapnya ha ha but thank you so much for the cutter. A great birthday present. Muahs.

Mariam - The best thin is you can eat it and frame it. Take pictures and frame it later then eat the cake. Rugila kalu tak makan sebab according to the recipient cake itu sungguh sedap. Orang cakapla bukan I heeeeeeeeee.

Edi - Lepas balik naik bukit, I could eat anything even these. Oh pinggang ku terasa nak tercabut!

Zue - Yea, you know how your wishes never come true regarding the house chores but you keep on wishing and wishing kan. Yeah I saw all those cards your kids make, cool. Happy mums day to you too.

JulesMD said...

best, best... :)

hs said...

OMG, the flowers are awesomely beautfuuuuuulllll. you are extremely talented.... tak sanggup rasanya nak makan kek yg cantik sangat.

wiz said...

Jules- thanks thanks.

hs- The flowers are not as pretty as the ones in your garden though.