Monday, April 19, 2010

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

My old guitar, neglected and weary rests to molder at the corner of my eye. The dust hides away the fretted scar, only visible when memories care to strum a melody or two. It was a path once treaded to mould these fingers to play, but alas, the uncompromising strings then were too much for the chubby watery stumps to fiddle with.

But the old guitar still sings with me, the same tunes of gray rhapsodies, songs which take me far far away when times were a little less than kind. A turning point it became, a pointer to how life should be cherished, sans the people you thought were once your confidant.

My dear old instrument takes me to such places, to moments I wished I could fail to remember. Nevertheless, music is always sweeter than words, and for that I shall keep on playing and humming gently to the weeping of the keys.

Thank you so much Nurul and Natasha's friend!

3 treats:

Kitchen Guardian said...

Yani is clapping vigorously and saying WOW!

JulesMD said...

syahdu di kalbu... :)

Wiz said...

Yanie - for me playing the guitar or for me finally erecting a challenging cake? It seems you are the only one clapping, so I shall join you he he he.

Jules - shaddoooooooo yabedabedooooooo!