Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Best Friend

I was ready. He bobbed his way in, unwary of the mischief that was about to take place. The kids were in it too. All waiting, counting the seconds anxiously.

He has always been the easiest target, so unsuspecting, so oblivious to the ways of my world. I tricked him many and made him believe in the words I pick so carefully. But never to the extent of embarrassing him in public, I never did go all the way though.

We were in the kitchen, my kids and I, snacking on the cake leftovers. We were singing previously to the song that has been playing in my head for almost a week now. The music played on the computer and it became like a karaoke session, we were jumping on the words as it went on the screen. "Baba would not approve to this type of song." I said sing-songly. "...memangla Baba takkan suka lagu2 macam ni. Dia suka lagu2 rock jer Mama" enthused my daughter. She was right and I knew it well. "Mama rasa macam nak suruh Baba nyanyi dengan mamala. He sings the boy's part and I sing the girl's part, waddaya think?" "Trust me he won't mama." convinced my daughter. I cheeked a smile.

He was still outside clearing the lawn when I played a Dream Theater's number on the Mixpod. He roared "...woohoo alright!" He then made his way into the kitchen and I quickly switched to Jason Mraz song simultaneously clutching his neck with my other hand. Before he could try to break free, a strong battalion of my background singers were behind him blocking his way. Promised him if he sang the song with me, I would listen to Dream Theater all day long. He complied noisily. Before we began, I made him rehearse the lyrics a few times. laughs

...and so we crooned our hearts out more than once, sebab saya tak berpuas hati dengan persembahan beliau yang suam2 kuku itu. Initially a face looking so tortured, turned into what I I saw as a pleasant one but of course he would not in a million years confess a liking to any of my songs and neither would I do the same to his. That's how we know how much we love each other: unyielding obstinacy pillars this matrimonial union.

My worst critic, my connoisseur, my big boss, my ardent fan but most of all best friend.

Oh, have I told you how lucky I am?

Natasha's special gift to her best friend.

Thanks a bunch Natasha!

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Kitchen Guardian said...

love lookimng at you and your family and when you all sing...lagi best, bila lagi? khadijah can play the piano!

edi said...

my fav song!!! and the set is so pretty kak wiz!

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

oh, tak aci, tak aci... tak aci la... ni pun best sgt... i kena start cari perkataan2 selain dari best and lawa la now... tak aci tau... i speaking kelantan lah nx time, or italian... belissima wiz, belissima... :)

Ida said...

i didnt work...huhuhuk..

Wiz said...

Yanie - And she plays so beautifully too. Would love to sit around and sing to her music. You must be very proud.

Edi - Mine too Edi!

Jules - I love the Italians. Rich in culture, in gesture and those dark features and deep eyes he he he.

Ida - hmmmm. What song would he sing to?

wanirani said...

so sweet =)