Friday, April 30, 2010

Love Story

He was there, in blurry sketches in my mind, the man I was going to marry. He was always the man with the hidden face, an image seen from a distance, a character I was so much in love with. I liked the mystery, the not knowing of who would star in my love stories, a typical trait of a dreamer and I was exactly that when I was in between the transition years. But one thing I noticed, the stories would often take place on a long train ride, not on any train rides, but only on The Orient Express.

I fell in love with trains after watching "Romance On The Orient Express" Staring Cheryl Ladd. It was from then on that I associated trains with romance: the venue for the ultimate love story. But nothing of such happened in real life of course, no trains, no Orient, no Express. The sketches remained as innocent drawings of my many wishes.

The blurry sketches of that mysterious man came into focus eventually. He didn't quite match the tall, dark and handsome figure I had in mind all these years. He emerged from the misty, smoky background looking somewhat perfect for a smurfette five foot something person, all blue, quirky and goofy, just like me.

The love story?
I am still writing it.

Thanks Hazlina!

7 treats:

JulesMD said...

omg...........ultra sweet comel!

AISHAH said...

wiz...cantik !!!

Nice it gold?

Wiz said...

Jules - Aaaaa, thought I was going to learn a new word from a new language today.

Aishah- I used Wilton's Golden Yellow. Thanks.

JulesMD said...

wiz, i've been watching this latest ultraman movie with my boys, dah 3 round dah! sebab tu semuanye jadi ultra now!

PG CakeCraft said...

hi Wiz. nice work and i love the color too. didn't we all envisaged a tall, dark handsome man in a shinning armour. yep, the 'orient express'is always associated with mystery and romance but alas only in the 'reel' world. in real world trains (expecially in our country), are associated with bugs and cockroaches.

Wiz said...

PG Cake Craft - Yes, don't we all ha ha ha. But the imperfection in our husbands make him more perfect to our eyes I guess. You know when I board the train KTM, I close my eyes to all the bugs but imagine myself on the Orient Express. It works for the first hour ha ha ha. Thanks for dropping by.


Love the cuppies and the bride also love it..Thanks kak.Nice dealing with you.. :)