Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Love Life. I Am Happy.

Thanks so much Yasmin!

The curry, a little less spicy, with french beans, carrots and celery was served one day with plates of hot steaming rice. I am not the best of cook, neither am a I creative one, but I know the type of food my kids and husband like, nothing too fancy or spicy. I was dishing them out and precariously carrying three plates in one dash to the kitchen counter, the usual place where we have our meals. Nothing extraordinary really. I once saw an Indonesian waiter who breezed through tables with eight plates full of rice. I felt like clapping my hands, amazed at the "just for laughs" kinda act, but everyone seemed not to be fazed with the guy's performance. Perhaps it is a norm at that restaurant.

I digress. Haih.

Anyway, after my call to the wild "Dinner's ready", the kids and Tarzan, made a stampede to the kitchen to feast on what was served. I went back to my cake station to continue with my work, fiddling endlessly when unfavourable murmurs were heard between the clattering of the plates. "...alaaaaaaaaaa nasi and kari telur lagi ker?, nak makan KFC la pulak hari ni" The Tarzan hushed his subjects, reprimanding them at the same time. Me Jane? was just waiting to be poked that day so that I could start yodelling till someone's eardrums burst.

I skipped straight to the chorus and belted how inappropriate their behaviour was. They should be thankful that there's still food for them to eat. Instances of orang susah sedunia were given as examples how blessed they were to be living under a roof above their heads. I continued on and on and on and by the time they finished their rice, I asked them to pull their chairs and watch a little clip I had ready for them. I had to ingrain some values, ones that will be embedded in their hearts for a long long time to come. I shed tears every time I watch this.

At a corner of my eye, once the video stopped, I saw my son wiping his tears, and the sister looking away. I didn't ask any questions, instead they were the ones bugging me with some. " does he eat, how does he shower?, how does he write?, how does he swim? how does he study?" The answer and the only answer I have given through out my ups and downs with them is " If there's a will, there's a way."

Sebaik sahaja selepas itu...

"Ma, Anin nak nasi lagi ma!"

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Ida said... you think my kids will be affected by this video? they are

Kitchen Guardian said...

yes wiz,

in my life journey i have been blessed to cross path wt so many wonderful people like you and yes as long as i'm breathg i'm happy and thankful for waht god gave me! cantiknya bunga bunga tu!!!