Friday, April 2, 2010

Beautiful Morning!

Friday mornings always perk you up a little bit earlier than usual. It's the inexplicable air which surrounds it making everything enchanting. It gets better if it drizzles the night before as the morning after would have a magical feel to it. Today is no exception. I am feeling great regardless of the many unfinished cakes which still need my attention. Perhaps the thought of Saturday is several eye blinks away, also perhaps the elation of not having to round up the kids for their classes or maybe just maybe because Ipoh beckons my presence tomorrow ! yes, we are going back woohooo!

I dozed with that wonderful thought last night, eagerly waiting for sunrise. But the rays from my dusty window didn't wake me up, but a frantic other half did. He was furious as the car refused to start. The neighbour next door was helpful to jumpstart it for us, still, the car wasn't budging. The car sounded like it needed an inhaler. I pitied the little guy, I know how tiring it is to try and breathe that way. I am asthmatic, perhaps it was too, I figured.

My husband soon reached for the phone and called the helpline for a tow truck. As he was giving all the details, I sneaked out of the house, slipped into the car, rubbed it a few times saying ".bismillahirahhmanirahim...alright, I know you are tired, I am too. But please just this once, start for me please" before turning the key on. First attempt didn't result in anything. Then, for the second time after much coaxing from me, the car purred. I could hear my husband screaming from inside. Alhamdulillah! Dusted my hands, blew my nails, pulled up the collar of my jersey and went inside proudly heeeeee. We both jumped like we have just won a million ringgit!

I guess when good feelings supersede your attitude, anything will go your way.

I have 4 cakes to complete, clothes to iron, house to clean up and bags to pack before I leave for my hometown. I am all pumped up.

I love Fridays!
Have a beautiful weekend folks!

Thanks so so much Aimi!

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Kitchen Guardian said...

you are perky thishv a wonderful weekend! morning wiz!

Juliana Mohd Daud said...


Ida said...

OMG!! I felt the same way today! all positive and singing..and hoped my mood will stay the same way throughout the day. even horrible drivers in bangsar and TTDI didnt spoil my mood...well..maybe a lil bit...but am still loving the day! nak gi celebrate ayah's b'day ke?

khalil said...

how words can change one's mood.
teacher, i just wanna tell u dat, i am verrryy glad that i could know someone like u..u inspired me.. pergh..=p

Wiz said...

Yanie - Have a wonderful weekend!

Jules - Nanti kita buat yg lagi cantik for Tess k.

Da - I think it's the weather kut and the Hannover thought! Keep thinking and wishing. Planned to do his cake tapi tak sempat. Nak buat cheese kek jer sebab mak suke, ayah kan makan sgt pun. So better do what mak likes.

Wiz said...

Khalil - perghhhh, perasan sekejap. Speak of only good words, feed from them at all times. InsyaAllah, you'll be more than inspired.