Friday, April 9, 2010

A Beautiful Mess

On days when nothing falls perfectly in place, I fall imperfectly out of space.

"Mike" from "Desperate housewives" appeared as "Rukun" the Indonesian worker, came as promised to fix our 10 year old house. The many leaks on the roof, the blemishes on the walls, the water marks on the ceiling needed more than just a buff. If we had all the money, we would have probably done a total make over but we only had one thousand ringgit to spare for his troubles to which he unsettingly agreed.

So for three days Mike the Indonesian version and his wife became the guests in my house. They arrived early morning to start scrapping old paint before rolling the walls with a fresh coat of new colours. Before we had the extra money, I took the role as the painter of the house, painting a few square feet at a time, meddling sloppily with the rollers and brushes. If not for the vertigo I am suffering from, I would have gladly finished the job, brushing colours covering the walls all the way up to the ceiling and beyond. If you have been to my house you would have noticed the unfinished paint jobs. Only half of the walls were painted, the upper parts were left untouched.

The whole house was turned upside down for three days. Many treasures were unearthed, lost erasers, key chains, ear rings, hair bands, yoyos, cermin yang pecah, buku rampaian sekolah yang disorokkan kerana kerja tak habis. Put everything together and we found ourselves the lost ancient city of Atlantis! We beat National Geographic to it! Well waddaya know!

Everything is back to normal now except for the door of the master bedroom which has yet to be replaced. There's a big hole right in the middle, the work of my sweeter half 's flying kick. My kids locked themselves up in our room and they fell sound asleep. Screams and shouts were not answered and the keys were not found. So the door had to fall prey that eventful night. The kids laugh everytime they look back and remember Baba's forced entry. I laugh too, but Baba still hasn't he he he oops.

The response to my Muffs Promo has been simply overwhelming. I would like to extend it till the end of this week for all to take advantage of. Thank you so much for ordering and supporting and taking your precious time to stay a little while to view my work and to read my words. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much Liana!

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Kitchen Guardian said...

whatever it is, you are a beautiful person....the barbie resembles me eh!

Adilah said...

hmmm.. can't help but wonder, what's the new color on your walls? Kak Wiz, who's your new baking partner tu.. I'm drooling over the butter cake with lemon drizzle pic!

p/s - is Rukun anywhere as handsome as Mike? hihihi.

hs said...

your lovely cake for liana inspires me to do similar for my daughter. it gives me it wiz.

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

aduuuuhaaaaaiiii...i luuuuuurve when u create this kinda stuf, i just so luuuuuuuuurve....... i boleh imagine u punya heart and soul masa buat ni... and i boleh imagine the sheer joy of that very lucky person for whom this was made... :)

Wiz said...

Yanie - Come to think of it, yes, she does look like you! Sweet jer.

Adilah - If that Rukun looks like Mike, trust me, mesti byk gambar dia I snap and tunjuk kat sini ha ha ha. TETAPI malangnya tidak sama sekali. Muka dia mcm Hermantino sikit, pleasant looking. You want his number? to paint of course.

My baking partner is my sister. If you all malas nak dtg amik all the way to Sg Long, you can order from her. She is in Taman Tun. We use the same recipe and the recipes were concocted by me, ones you can't find in the internet. So the taste is similar. Yes her lemon drizzle is a must try and try and try again.

hs - can't wait to see your cake hs. It would be as lovely as the flowers you grow in your garden I am sure.

Jules - Yo ni sebenarnya sgt menginginkan kek princess ni sejak dari kecil lagi.Tu sebab you have been drooling bila tgk kek like these. There's only one answer to your craving - have a baby girl. Then you can order a princess cake for her and for yourself.Amacam, bernas tak idea I?

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

hahahahahahahah!.... hahahahaha!... hahahahahhahahaha!... heh heh