Friday, April 30, 2010

I Don't Wanna Talk

...I just wanna show you some cakes I made many many days ago.

Thanks so much Wahida!

Thanks so much Soraya!

Thanks so much Emi!

Thanks so much Phang!

I will be busy shadowing a familiar figure in days to come. If you bump into a lost shadow, return it to Sugarflours Bangi. That's where I'll be. Do drop by sometimes. My shadow doesn't bite.

Love Story

He was there, in blurry sketches in my mind, the man I was going to marry. He was always the man with the hidden face, an image seen from a distance, a character I was so much in love with. I liked the mystery, the not knowing of who would star in my love stories, a typical trait of a dreamer and I was exactly that when I was in between the transition years. But one thing I noticed, the stories would often take place on a long train ride, not on any train rides, but only on The Orient Express.

I fell in love with trains after watching "Romance On The Orient Express" Staring Cheryl Ladd. It was from then on that I associated trains with romance: the venue for the ultimate love story. But nothing of such happened in real life of course, no trains, no Orient, no Express. The sketches remained as innocent drawings of my many wishes.

The blurry sketches of that mysterious man came into focus eventually. He didn't quite match the tall, dark and handsome figure I had in mind all these years. He emerged from the misty, smoky background looking somewhat perfect for a smurfette five foot something person, all blue, quirky and goofy, just like me.

The love story?
I am still writing it.

Thanks Hazlina!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It would be 14 years for us this August. I pretended to ask him ,just so he could stop and take awhile to remember. He never did forget really, the date, the occasion, the trip his entire kampung had to make all the way to Ipoh. Some were enthralled at the sight of my mountainous region, whilst others were deep in their qualms to why he had to marry someone so so far away. Perhaps, it was too long a journey for some. Perhaps it was just meant to be.

It was deep, the red to my sugar flowers as well as the thought of my wedding 14 years ago. I was also clad in deep red, as red as the petals of the roses I was making for the bride. Moments passed in dejavu and beautiful memories reinstated just the way I remembered them last. Love music played through out our brief presence in the hall that afternoon. Familiar tunes recaptured the initial feeling of marital bliss. A feeling we sometimes neglect to summon into our hearts.

I am just glad I still remember. I am glad it is still there.

The hall was dressed beautifully in black, red and white.

The matching hantaran cake.
Thanks so much Sara!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beyond The Sea

When I opened the box to reveal the cake inside, she didn't look away to shield her emotions. It was then when I saw tears brimming, filling up her eyes. She was simply overwhelmed with what she took sight that night, even with the details of the cake remained hidden under the dimmed street light. It was a sea of emotions engulfing the both of us. She was happy and I was just happy to see her happy. Thanks so much Siti Salwa@Tulipurple .

The cake took me beyond the present time. I was yet again enchanted with the underwater theme. I could remember mermaids, many beautiful mermaids making their presence felt with beautiful frilly dresses and pearls. It was the year end Annual Ball and I was the privileged organizer.

"Enchantment Under The Sea" was the chosen theme for the event and everything from door gifts, lucky draw presents to decorations had to bear the similar feel. There were seashells, waves made out of white and blue balloons, sea weeds hanging from the ceiling, music from the sea filled the background. It was magical. The Queen and King of the night were presented with tickets to Sunway Lagoon and a pair of goggles each. Funny!

But the highlight of the night was the "Enchantment Under The Sea" Dance. It was different, unique, one of a kind whereby the girls formed a group and danced with each other and the guys took the dance floor creating a human chain of some sort, whilst jumping and hopping around amongst themselves. Hilarious! ;o) I think the seniors and juniors mingled well that night and we definitively had fun...we did, despite the many hiccups.

But right now...

Somewhere, somewhere beyond the sea I believe ...

a triple scoop of ice cream is waiting for me.

And look what I found under the sea too... presents! Woohoo!

Thanks so much Zarith!

Monday, April 19, 2010

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

My old guitar, neglected and weary rests to molder at the corner of my eye. The dust hides away the fretted scar, only visible when memories care to strum a melody or two. It was a path once treaded to mould these fingers to play, but alas, the uncompromising strings then were too much for the chubby watery stumps to fiddle with.

But the old guitar still sings with me, the same tunes of gray rhapsodies, songs which take me far far away when times were a little less than kind. A turning point it became, a pointer to how life should be cherished, sans the people you thought were once your confidant.

My dear old instrument takes me to such places, to moments I wished I could fail to remember. Nevertheless, music is always sweeter than words, and for that I shall keep on playing and humming gently to the weeping of the keys.

Thank you so much Nurul and Natasha's friend!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Best Friend

I was ready. He bobbed his way in, unwary of the mischief that was about to take place. The kids were in it too. All waiting, counting the seconds anxiously.

He has always been the easiest target, so unsuspecting, so oblivious to the ways of my world. I tricked him many and made him believe in the words I pick so carefully. But never to the extent of embarrassing him in public, I never did go all the way though.

We were in the kitchen, my kids and I, snacking on the cake leftovers. We were singing previously to the song that has been playing in my head for almost a week now. The music played on the computer and it became like a karaoke session, we were jumping on the words as it went on the screen. "Baba would not approve to this type of song." I said sing-songly. "...memangla Baba takkan suka lagu2 macam ni. Dia suka lagu2 rock jer Mama" enthused my daughter. She was right and I knew it well. "Mama rasa macam nak suruh Baba nyanyi dengan mamala. He sings the boy's part and I sing the girl's part, waddaya think?" "Trust me he won't mama." convinced my daughter. I cheeked a smile.

He was still outside clearing the lawn when I played a Dream Theater's number on the Mixpod. He roared "...woohoo alright!" He then made his way into the kitchen and I quickly switched to Jason Mraz song simultaneously clutching his neck with my other hand. Before he could try to break free, a strong battalion of my background singers were behind him blocking his way. Promised him if he sang the song with me, I would listen to Dream Theater all day long. He complied noisily. Before we began, I made him rehearse the lyrics a few times. laughs

...and so we crooned our hearts out more than once, sebab saya tak berpuas hati dengan persembahan beliau yang suam2 kuku itu. Initially a face looking so tortured, turned into what I I saw as a pleasant one but of course he would not in a million years confess a liking to any of my songs and neither would I do the same to his. That's how we know how much we love each other: unyielding obstinacy pillars this matrimonial union.

My worst critic, my connoisseur, my big boss, my ardent fan but most of all best friend.

Oh, have I told you how lucky I am?

Natasha's special gift to her best friend.

Thanks a bunch Natasha!

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Beautiful Mess

On days when nothing falls perfectly in place, I fall imperfectly out of space.

"Mike" from "Desperate housewives" appeared as "Rukun" the Indonesian worker, came as promised to fix our 10 year old house. The many leaks on the roof, the blemishes on the walls, the water marks on the ceiling needed more than just a buff. If we had all the money, we would have probably done a total make over but we only had one thousand ringgit to spare for his troubles to which he unsettingly agreed.

So for three days Mike the Indonesian version and his wife became the guests in my house. They arrived early morning to start scrapping old paint before rolling the walls with a fresh coat of new colours. Before we had the extra money, I took the role as the painter of the house, painting a few square feet at a time, meddling sloppily with the rollers and brushes. If not for the vertigo I am suffering from, I would have gladly finished the job, brushing colours covering the walls all the way up to the ceiling and beyond. If you have been to my house you would have noticed the unfinished paint jobs. Only half of the walls were painted, the upper parts were left untouched.

The whole house was turned upside down for three days. Many treasures were unearthed, lost erasers, key chains, ear rings, hair bands, yoyos, cermin yang pecah, buku rampaian sekolah yang disorokkan kerana kerja tak habis. Put everything together and we found ourselves the lost ancient city of Atlantis! We beat National Geographic to it! Well waddaya know!

Everything is back to normal now except for the door of the master bedroom which has yet to be replaced. There's a big hole right in the middle, the work of my sweeter half 's flying kick. My kids locked themselves up in our room and they fell sound asleep. Screams and shouts were not answered and the keys were not found. So the door had to fall prey that eventful night. The kids laugh everytime they look back and remember Baba's forced entry. I laugh too, but Baba still hasn't he he he oops.

The response to my Muffs Promo has been simply overwhelming. I would like to extend it till the end of this week for all to take advantage of. Thank you so much for ordering and supporting and taking your precious time to stay a little while to view my work and to read my words. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much Liana!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Chain Reaction

I could sense the wave, a strong current of glee heading my direction last week. Like a chain reaction, I was caught in the middle of it and escape was the last thing on my mind. The natural flow swept me into creating happy cakes as I call them. Cakes which were not only soothing to the eyes, pleasing to the palate but most importantly dulcifying to the heart and soul.

Yes, cakes are capable of all that. The moment your eyes set on them, your heart melts and the instant your teeth sink in them, your eyes droop, your pulse drops and your muscles relax. It's the simple idea of giving and receiving, it's the thought of remembering and going the extra mile to do something special for the love of our lives. And I am all about that folks. Just love being in the middle of secret cake projects such as the ones featured in this entry.

Adilah, my mostest favouritest customerest, ordered an anniversary cake to be given as a surprise to the husband. She has written how she wanted it and naturally it was supposed to be a surprise. At the same time writing to me was her husband Muzamil requesting the same thing! Sweetness! I was giggling the whole way and apparently the giggles did spill onto the cakes I made for them.

From the husband

From the wife

But in the end it was Adilah who was truly surprised as she had not expected pretty cupcakes from her better half. Muzamil had to tip toe behind our backs while transferring the cakes from my car to theirs. It's just nice to be apart of all these desserts in life. It leaves a sweet after taste everytime.

Thanks so much Adilah and Muzamil for all orders.

And to continue the happy chain reaction I would like to offer a special promotion for my muffs. Order three boxes (49 mini pcs per box) for only 100 rgt. You can split the orders with your friends and colleagues but minimum order is 3 boxes. Normal price is 45rgt per box. Offer is valid until 15th of April. Please forward me your order at

Friday, April 2, 2010

Beautiful Morning!

Friday mornings always perk you up a little bit earlier than usual. It's the inexplicable air which surrounds it making everything enchanting. It gets better if it drizzles the night before as the morning after would have a magical feel to it. Today is no exception. I am feeling great regardless of the many unfinished cakes which still need my attention. Perhaps the thought of Saturday is several eye blinks away, also perhaps the elation of not having to round up the kids for their classes or maybe just maybe because Ipoh beckons my presence tomorrow ! yes, we are going back woohooo!

I dozed with that wonderful thought last night, eagerly waiting for sunrise. But the rays from my dusty window didn't wake me up, but a frantic other half did. He was furious as the car refused to start. The neighbour next door was helpful to jumpstart it for us, still, the car wasn't budging. The car sounded like it needed an inhaler. I pitied the little guy, I know how tiring it is to try and breathe that way. I am asthmatic, perhaps it was too, I figured.

My husband soon reached for the phone and called the helpline for a tow truck. As he was giving all the details, I sneaked out of the house, slipped into the car, rubbed it a few times saying ".bismillahirahhmanirahim...alright, I know you are tired, I am too. But please just this once, start for me please" before turning the key on. First attempt didn't result in anything. Then, for the second time after much coaxing from me, the car purred. I could hear my husband screaming from inside. Alhamdulillah! Dusted my hands, blew my nails, pulled up the collar of my jersey and went inside proudly heeeeee. We both jumped like we have just won a million ringgit!

I guess when good feelings supersede your attitude, anything will go your way.

I have 4 cakes to complete, clothes to iron, house to clean up and bags to pack before I leave for my hometown. I am all pumped up.

I love Fridays!
Have a beautiful weekend folks!

Thanks so so much Aimi!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Love Life. I Am Happy.

Thanks so much Yasmin!

The curry, a little less spicy, with french beans, carrots and celery was served one day with plates of hot steaming rice. I am not the best of cook, neither am a I creative one, but I know the type of food my kids and husband like, nothing too fancy or spicy. I was dishing them out and precariously carrying three plates in one dash to the kitchen counter, the usual place where we have our meals. Nothing extraordinary really. I once saw an Indonesian waiter who breezed through tables with eight plates full of rice. I felt like clapping my hands, amazed at the "just for laughs" kinda act, but everyone seemed not to be fazed with the guy's performance. Perhaps it is a norm at that restaurant.

I digress. Haih.

Anyway, after my call to the wild "Dinner's ready", the kids and Tarzan, made a stampede to the kitchen to feast on what was served. I went back to my cake station to continue with my work, fiddling endlessly when unfavourable murmurs were heard between the clattering of the plates. "...alaaaaaaaaaa nasi and kari telur lagi ker?, nak makan KFC la pulak hari ni" The Tarzan hushed his subjects, reprimanding them at the same time. Me Jane? was just waiting to be poked that day so that I could start yodelling till someone's eardrums burst.

I skipped straight to the chorus and belted how inappropriate their behaviour was. They should be thankful that there's still food for them to eat. Instances of orang susah sedunia were given as examples how blessed they were to be living under a roof above their heads. I continued on and on and on and by the time they finished their rice, I asked them to pull their chairs and watch a little clip I had ready for them. I had to ingrain some values, ones that will be embedded in their hearts for a long long time to come. I shed tears every time I watch this.

At a corner of my eye, once the video stopped, I saw my son wiping his tears, and the sister looking away. I didn't ask any questions, instead they were the ones bugging me with some. " does he eat, how does he shower?, how does he write?, how does he swim? how does he study?" The answer and the only answer I have given through out my ups and downs with them is " If there's a will, there's a way."

Sebaik sahaja selepas itu...

"Ma, Anin nak nasi lagi ma!"