Monday, March 22, 2010

Words Don't Come Easy

Thank you so much Kem.

Sometimes words may fail you. And sadly, at times for reasons totally unrelated to your linguistic competence. I am a constant casualty of this dilemma and I believe it all goes down to having so much to say at one point of time.

It's terribly difficult to encapsulate everything in a nutshell, even more so in a poem. There's so much to say, so much to share and so much to express. You don't wish to miss out on anything, leave important things unsaid and unwritten. It's imperative to let that special person know exactly how much she or he means to you. And if you are not much of a "wordy", expressive person on a daily basis, birthdays are the perfect time to capture the moment with beautiful words.

Yes, there are birthday cards too and pretty words do reside in them. I adore ones from Hallmark especially. Words seem to be nicer in those cards! I even like the adhesive strip on the envelope. Only Hallmark made them sweet. I know, because, I used to lick them every time before sending the cards out to the special people...yes you can ieeeuww me now but back then it was rather trendy ha ha ha....ker hanya saya sahaja yang berbuat demikian? hmmm.

Another way of saying your I love youssss on birthdays is packing those words in a cake box, together with the custom made cakes of course. But unlike the customary writings on birthday cards, words on birthday cakes are composed for you and only you. There's no multiple printings of the same words on other people's birthday cakes, not unless you allow it. It's just more special that way kan?.

Anyway speaking about birthday cards, the last time I received a Hallmark card or any birthday cards from a loved one, yes you snufflafegus eyes was eerrrrm like probably 6 years ago. Kenapa dia berhenti memberi saya kad ucapan hari jadi? I would like to believe, in every throbbing vein of my heart, it's because words in those cards are not sufficient to match his true feelings towards me or...maybe it's cheaper to send an sms or's more meaningful to wait for the kids to make the card or ...maybe he is waiting till the tenth year to surprise me with the biggest card yang akan tersenarai dalam Malaysia's Book of Records, yer, BESAAAAAR PUNYE! or....baiklah saya tido sekarang, dah pukul 1.30 pagi.


Terima Kasih kerana membaca.;o)

Thanks so much Aisyah!

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Kitchen Guardian said...

yes words dont come easy, but you are one very pemurah person, you know what i'm talkg about! miss talkg to you wiz....lovely as always!

Ida said...

ok..that was quite a wordy entry...they must come very easily for you...

Wiz said...

Yanie - You can call me anytime if you need someone to talk to k, anytime.

Ida - yea, wordy because I am lousy in writing a summary. No, they don't come easily for me, I pant everytime. But like they say panting is good for the heart. It gets you pumped!

Ho Ho Ho said...

Hi Wiz,
Its MEN in general... missing that one 'stroke' in their chromosome (the Y species)...hehehe...not bothered with these 'small matters'...
love the song... bring back good memories.... :)

Niza Umar -- said...


Please stop being too humble. I adore your entry...brings emotions to life okay


Wiz said...

Ho Ho Ho - Men in general? Phew! Thought only mine he he he. If we love the same song it only means we come from the same era, long long time ago.

Niza - Aaaaw thanks. Humility precedes everything in this life. It's the only thing I have.