Thursday, March 25, 2010

Phased Book

Thanks So so much Aimi!

Morning came again. The first act of soundness was to usually nosedive into the laptop to check on facebook updates before the day actually began for me. It was very predictable for this work at home mum and ever since the advent of facebook, "Home" has been redefined. It wasn't just a place to be immersed with your immediate family members but "Home" has progressively transformed into the most happening place on the entire planet!. "Home" was where I was with everyone else.

Countless of status updates, comments, latest photo uploads were the activities in my new "Home". Poking wasn't just for my kids, I came to believe it was my thing to do too and the fun part was I could even throw pillows and sheep without getting myself into trouble. However, "Home" was taking me away from home. I spent more time looking at someone else's kids rather than my own. Even more time reading comments and leaving some to virtual friends instead of proof reading my kids' schoolwork. I used precious time to gawk at seemingly successful friends rather than be contented with the little that I have. I talked less eye to eye with my better other since all the conversations were conducted via facebook.

I was pathetic!

Negligence was seeping in and I realized it. I am not like most people who practice time management with excellence. I am lousy at it and before lousy gets lousier I knew I had to put a halt to this madness, my madness. So forgive me if I didn't poke you back, forgive me if I haven't answered you mails, forgive me if wasn't there to receive your chats, forgive me if I wasn't around to accept your gifts... for I was at home all this while mediating pillow fights, playing poking games, reciprocating hugs, catching flying kisses and receiving more than all of the above. Finally I came back to where this heart is... home.

For all you know, none actually realized my disappearance or felt my absence pun, perasanova tul la!;o).

If there is ever a need for you to reach me, I am always here.

I never thought I would say this but here goes...

Facebook account DELETED.

Thanks so so so so much Adilah!

I found these hilarious! Do watch.

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MHB said...

hey, I noticed!! ingatkan takmo kawan dah hehe

Adilah said...

LOL.. so funny! I did notice u're no longer on FB. I actually find FB useful to keep in touch with old friends. I don't do apps, poking or whatever other stuff they have on it.

ps- Thanks so so so so much too :)

Ms Red Hat said...

Wiz join the club! By the way you are not an FB addict since you seldom updated your status! I've seen students and even mak budak and pak budak spending every available time with FB! I guess their life must be so happenin' tak macam kita kan.

I value my privacy and I'm a bit apprehensive to report my 'moves' esp to friends that i consider as acquaintance(not close friends). Just check on iman as she is approaching her teen years okay. Most of the highly educated parents here ban their kids from having facebook and some strictly monitor what their children and friends are up to in their facebook.

FB ni is a good networking tool if people don't misuse it tapi i just don't want to be addicted to it. By the way there is always skype, email and telephone to get us connected.

Ho Ho Ho said...

I so agree with you... I have FB too (more of a bloggeraddict than FB..hahaha).. and only chk when the kids are asleep or when they r in school... of course la after that no chance whatsoever...
I made a pack with my kids... they can have facebook but they must add me as their friends.. so that I can kaypoh but not cramp their style (by making silly comments and embarrass them!!) least they 'know' that mom is 'watching'...

Wiz said...

MHB - Kawan eh, takkan tak kawan dah. Many thought the same though.

Adilah - Hi! I had to delete sebab to set an example to my daughter that I could delete my account anytime I want. SHe got into trouble in school sebab ada facebook account. Apparently a girl in school created a hategroup to alienate another friend. Though she didnt join that group she and the others who have facebook were still called by the HM. That girl tu pulak anak datuk and a police report was lodged! Skrg kan byk orang buat hategroup and these kids thought if adults can do it, they can too. So to initiate an example, I had to delete my FB and my daughter followed suit. It's only fair to both of us.

Miss Red HAt - I am not really an addict but the reason like I wrote to Adilah was the real reason actually. But I am better without it. I think I did find my 25th hour of the day.

Lisa - As you can see I don't blog as much, bad actually when I have so many cake pictures to upload and waiting customers to be appeaased. The real reason why I stopped FBing is what I wrote to Adilah above. But I am getting along just fine actually. Somehow more time on my hands, I loike!

Lisajoehari said...

I did, actually cause U will never forget to comment on my pic :(

Miss u there. Miss u here. Miss u everywhere!

yatt said...

haaaa... baru hari ni i "jumpa" this entry. i realised la u were no more in FB due to some "missing" comments on my album :-) he..he.. memula igt xnak kawan dah tp on 2nd thot, i sendiri x pernah link my blog dgn mana2 baker lain so.. [apa la nk herannya..]
my fb now flooded dgn friend wannabes just bcoz i share my lilkitchen's album with frens of frens (tak best la pulak). tp i dont mind having some total strangers on my account due to FB games (me a hardcore addict of farmville :-P). giLa!
tp since now FB allow us to set our privacy levels to the very details.. ngeee... i rasa i my private life masih terpelihara la he..he.

owh!! btw, remember d cheesecake that i owe u tu? dulu u pernah told me to sedekah to sapa2 yg sesuai so i dah sedekah kat seorang anak yatim. this girl's ayah died of heart attack @ a very young age.
so.. kira halal la ya?

Wiz said...

Yatt, I memang tak boleh facebook ni sebab tak der langsung self control whatsoever. Memang Yatt I kalu main pet shop society, I will spend at least 1 hour and a half to go visit and collect coins and mempebaharui rumah ha ha ha. Itu belum nengok gamba orang baca lagi, skodeng2 lagi. So kena stop la sebab dah teruk sgt rasa masa tu, apa kerja separuh jalan jer.

SAya hidup seperti seorang penagih.

Thank you so much sebab sedekahkan kek tu. It couldn't be any better than to sedekahkan pada anak yatim. Sejuk I dgr. Kalau budak tu terasa sedetik kebahagian, kita pun dapat pahala kan yatt?

Muhammad Izzuddin B. Daing Abd Hamid said...

teacher..lame xdgr berite an.. klakar la bace komen2 ni..teacher men gak bnde2 mcm pet shop society ni btol jugak klu d piki2 kn blk smua bnde2 byk tp nye if sy nk delete this facebook..hmmmmm.~~ anyway thanks 4 ur's good..