Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Late...

a phrase overused every month. It gets me the tingle in my stomach, a wobble in my knees and a tickle in my ears. But each time "late" is often misunderstood with the failure to calculate properly. Sometimes I do that on purpose, so there's something to look forward to every month if ever I was truly late. I guess I just like saying it. There's nothing wrong to hope.

But I was really late this morning to send my daughter to school. She came to my room frantically crying, afraid of being late to the perhimpunan which would result in her name being jotted down by the prefect. I rushed down, made cheese sandwich while she got ready and stormed out of the house and drove like I have never driven before. The metre was showing 120 plus and I went " Wow look at that!" tetiba teruja dengan keupayaan memandu sungguh laju di dalam keadaan half awake dan berseluar taichi. Anyway, I got her to school just in time before the bell rang to the disappointments of the prefects who were so eagerly waiting to exercise the power of their mighty pens and notebooks.

Thanks so much Azzah and Iman!

Another type of late which I am not very proud of is, late on cake updates. I realize I haven't updated cake pictures, some which dated back in December. Truly unforgivable. Some of the pictures are still stranded in the old computer and up to this point I have no way of retrieving them. So, if your pictures haven't graced the pages of my blog, please forgive me. I will one day display them proudly as soon as I could catch hold of them.

Thanks Anne and Thanks Khairina for the carrot cake order.

It's a super busy week for me this time around. Work has mounted up to the ceiling due to my sloathtivity. I shall lari lari anak now to race with the ants and see who reigns champion in this kitchen of mine. I think, they think, I am the Queen Ant. You think?

5 treats:

Kitchen Guardian said...

me too wiz, but the amount of things that you shoulder and do every day,i call you you cili padi and kilat!

Ida said...

oh my gawd...i dont know what it is with these girls...dini wakes up at like 5.50 to shower and dah ready waiting for me by 6.30am. her school is like 10min walk ok!! and by its not even 7am yet..dia dah nangis sebab takut lambat for the perhimpunan. its still dark out ok!!

zue said...

morning wiz!just got back from sending the kiddos to school. speaking of late, memanjang late, memanjang hit the minyak pedal to thelimit but kat jalan town ni , mana boleh bawak 120:-)you always play songs that would transfer me back to the good old uni times . this song by Kylie, I do so adore her, petite yet sexy., Kylie and Jason Donovan, cute couple in "Neighbours".have a nice day!

nwd261 said...

Salam Wiz. Buat suspense jerrr...ingatkan late calculation for your monthly..ehehehe...dah nak pukul gendang to celebrate the news

Wiz said...

Yanie - Incomparable to yours by far.

Da - I was really late that day. My fault. Was working far too late in the wee hours. But Iman every morning mcm Dini jugak, rushing us out.

Zue - But I'm sure if you take the highway, you'd just whoosh past 120 anytime. And Kylie too? We like the same people. It only means one thing... we are not very young anymore heeeeeeeeee.

Nwd261- I pun every month ingat macam tu, hoping jer. InsyaAllah, if ada rezeki ada la tu. Thanks