Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Big Question

Pantai Morib on one of those evenings. Gambar hiasan semata-mata.

There I was staring fervidly at his handsome face trying to decipher his odd request and appearing composed all at the same time. I couldn't see it coming, a question which was prematurely posted at an untimely juncture. My mind ran amok with guilty thoughts of the many probabilities. I might have led him on into thinking the impossibles. He was at the time, too young.

When I forced a disagreement, he was quick to ask why. I was being calculative with age all of the sudden, reiterating how young he was. He said, he'd wait but questioned for how long more. I turned and scooped his hands and held them tightly channelling all the love inside of me for him to know that I cared. " would be just a matter of time." I whispered. "...and when that time comes, you would be ready and I would be even more ready." I continued on. He took a step back, and walked away before I raised my voice a little to summon him back to the room... be continued.

p.s. My desktop is kaputt, my pictures could not be transfered to this borrowed laptop hence the missing cake pictures. Until everything is fixed, I will have to do a little bit of nonsensical ramblings on how exactly not to write a blog.

4 treats:

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Wiz, you remember me? Ha ha.
I was checking out an old blog posting and saw your callsign. How are you?
Your sniffies have improved?
By the way, have a great Tiger year.
You keep well and keep a song in your heart, best regards, Lee.

Kitchen Guardian said...

oh no wiz! but this story, cepat sambung pls!

mush, brecht & nora said...

hang dah pandai ber cerita cara cita hindustan kah babe?? hehehehhe ; ) i think "nonsensical ramblings on how exactly not to write a blog" - is exactly what makes a good blog!!! keep up the nonsensical rambling my friend!

Wiz said...

Dearest Uncle - Haiya, of course I remember you one la uncle. I think I mentioned you as the romantic guy in one of my entries. Can't remember which one though. How have you been? I love reading all your love stories, you have a niche for that. Will drop by soon to say hello alright. Take care Uncle.

Yanie - Jap nor, tgh sort thingd out ni. Geram dgn my comp!

Mush - Amboi2, hang ni perli cheq kaaaaaaaaaaa? Cita hindustan ramai orang nak baca, tu la cheq tulih gaya ala2 kajol aka anjali tu kah kah kah. Nonsensical ramblings is the only thing I am good at.