Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Big Question (Part III)

"Why are you crying?" was all I could hear him say. He didn't seem to understand why these tears were deserving of the situation. They were not angry or sad tears as far as I could recall my emotions back then. But they were more of "sebak di dada" as the question came 20 years too early. I might have readied myself if I was much older and mentally prepared to be replaced by a younger lass. The reason was beyond my control, and for something I knew I couldn't give to him right now.

I challenged myself to pursue the discussion with him and found myself volunteering to do the unthinkable.

"Do you have someone already? if you don't do you want me to look for the right person for you?"

He was quick to answer with "No" and "yes". I smiled, suddenly regaining the power of supremacy in this house. It was all planned. I hate to be hated and by agreeing and participating, I knew I would win his heart once again. be continued.

Thank you so so much Khairina. This is my favourite of all.

2 treats:

DrSam said...

salam singgah. Wow! I am always amazed by these edible creation. so elaborate but yet so detail. It is an art!

Ida said...


im reading these recent entries at one shot.there's a neverending plea in my head 'say it isn't so!'