Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Big Question (Part II)

Thanks so much Ayin!

I was getting misty with all the questions thrown unanswered. There were too many to be digested by someone under constant attack. I didn't abandon my fort, I was still sitting at the edge of the bed and him standing right before me, when he mumbled "Why are you angry?"

"Tak lah, I'm not angry, just curious, that's all." I had to know how the question came about and what initiated it and with that thought, I asked again "...kenapa tiba-tiba jer sayang? "

Silence ensued. It took awhile for him to answer and when he did, I felt like crumbling upon realizing the truth. " I just want a baby in the house, I want a baby like Aiman and Aizat." The names he mentioned are of my sister's kids. He was right, we do long for another baby in the house. If only I could give him more babies, but with my condition, only Allah knows if I ever get to hold another one of my own again. The mist finally turned into tear drops. I was officially crying then. be continued.

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hs said...

dear wiz

i hope the dialoque of your entry will be unlike the other dialoques that i have heard again and again. take care