Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Big Question (Part I)

Thanks so much Syazli!

He turned around, retreated his steps, looking ever ready to hear me out as I am always quip with answers. There was never a moment that I didn't supply him with what he wanted to hear. He lives by my words and brings them in a knapsack just like Dora the Explorer carries hers in her magic satchel.

But this time around, I was the one who needed some answers to the same question he had asked earlier on. And whilst the hows and the whys occupied my thoughts, he just stood there in anticipation of my next move.

"Why did you ask me that all of the sudden?" I finally mustered. "Do you have someone in mind?" "Are you leaving me already?" I was shooting him with all of these questions disregarding his attempts to answer at least one. It was as if I was just asking for the sake of formality, the answers were meaningless in actuality.

I wasn't heart broken, I was unprepared. It was too early. I am still strong and able to run the shows for him. "Why did he want to start a new life?" was the last question that lingered on. be continued.

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