Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Big Answer

And for the time he left my sight, I made room to ponder if my decision was reversible. I was uncertain if I should be the one who finds a suitable candidate for him when the time commenced. Nonetheless, I have come to accept it as flattery, to be given the trust to choose the right person for him. I'd get the chance to pick one who I could get along wonderful with. Nifty indeed!

I was ironing a basketful of bajus when his masculine presence startled the life out of me. It was almost midnight, the land has quietened down with only the patter of the rain could be heard. The television was kept to a minimal volume, the sound was just there to keep me company. The only noise felt in that room was interestingly coming from my head, tirelessly in tune with the voice of my heart, rehearsing. Engrossed in my own thoughts I missed to see the person behind me who didn't look at all sleepy. It was a no brainer as he had taken his nap earlier so in the evening.

He wrapped his arms around me failing to make a complete circle every time. *laughs*If only this tummy of mine resembled the flat surface of the ironing board, he could have probably encircled the whole of my waist and back again! He didn't mind though as this water balloon like he calls it, is his comfort zone, his cushion for comfort.

Wasteful not of the perfect timing, I weaved in to position myself in the conversation I have been rehearsing in my head.

"What if..." I started out hopeful.
"What if apa?" he seemed to be all ears to my incomplete sentence.
"What if ...I could try to have another baby, another one, if ada rezeki. Would you still want to marry now?"

He looked at me with eyes so bright , an entire Milky way would be outshined by them. His plan to marry was simply to have another baby in the house. And since he figured I didn't look like I would be expecting anytime soon, he obligingly thought of making one, with permission of course. And the only way of doing so is to get married.

"Iye ke? Bila boleh ada baby lagi? Anin dah tak sabar2 nak jadi brother ni Ma!" He was filled with so much joy that I didn't have the heart to tell him it wasn't as easy. But undoubtedly he would make the most wonderful brother, a doting one, as he is to me a wonderful son.

The End. the background

"seriously, this better be the end of your mengarut entries. You are making me look so bad! " keluh suami ku.

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Tu sais je t'aime, you know I love you kan?

Thanks so much Kak Zie!

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Wolverina said...

ya Allah! teacher ni kannnnnnnn!!!

kitorang 5 orang siap dok bersila bukak kedai bincang "weh apsal mr A camtu, aku tak sangka dia sanggup buat camni, kesian miss W blablabla"

kasihan mr A. tak pasal2 kena kutuk ngan kitorang. hahaha. sorry~ pok miss W ni, nakal! :p

I am Ann said...

hahaha you got me there

zue said...

hye wiz! the cake is ever... the song...oh my god! we went crazy everytime this song was on air, way back in the 80s, esp when he said, ' uknow i love u' masa zaman sekolah kat asrama, all girls, swoon over dato shake....hehe...young girls crush I guess, and the story,what can i say.... brilliantly written!

khalil said...

x aciiii!! u were talking about marriage la! and and candidateee.. hahaha

*tp logic la, x kn teacher post bnde private~u like to keep it to urself,rather than to share ur sadness with people*

so, all the assumptions made by us..mintak jauh..=)

Wiz said...

Azie dearest - Ha ha ha. First of all you didn't read carefully the story la. I gave many clues to who I was referring to. Like Dora the explorer, about the age issues. Yes, my son did come to me one day to ask if he can get married because I remembered mentioning to him yang orang dah kawin jer boleh dapat baby. So bila dia dgr tu, dia mintak nak kawin just so he can have a baby la ngoksssss. Ha ha ha, sian your Sir tau, samapi hati you ckp suami ku begitu rupa. Ish ish ish. But tapi kan, it was so sweet of you to think about me in that protective manner. Thanks anyway alright. Hugs back!

I Am Ann- O Did I? I thought I have given many clues which are self explanatory suggesting who the culprit was. Maybe the music put you guys in the wrong mode kut he he he.

Zue - You love Datuk Shake too? Best kan? My sis and I used to drool over him. I love all his malay songs too. He reminds me of the time masa muda2 dulu kalau tak der electricity kan we would sit at the balcony adik beradik and sing to his songs with my brothers playing the guitar. Masa tu dia la yang terkacak di dunia ha ha ha.

Khalil - You all ni kalau amik comprehension dgn teacher lagi mesti fail! Ni nak marah ni, sebab tak underline the clues given by the writer. Yes, I wouldn't spill my sad stories here, that you got full marks. But I didn't make the story up. My son did ask to get married and I did play along and volunteer to find him a candidate. Nevertheless, it was so sweeeeet of you to think about me the whole time. Thanks ye my dearest students.

Ms Red Hat said...

seriouly wiz if i were to be in Azam's shoes i would definitely cringe reading your BIG QUESTION! kesian dia! And you Little Adnin is responsible for the series of a big teaser! can't stop laughing by the way.

Wiz said...

Salina - Yes, I could go on and on, there were so many details untouched but I had to end it as I was feeling for my husband. 90percent of the readers didn't manage to guess correctly. It is a true account with me and my little man, the story is very real. He came to me and asked why I couldn't have another baby anymore. All he wanted to be is a big brother. Pastu he asked mcm mana orang dapat baby, and I said orang yang dah kawin jer boleh dpt baby. That's when he got the idea of wanting to marry as soon, just so Allah boleh bagi dia baby. Sian dia. It's an innocent intention to an innocent request.

Ida said...

wiz..jantungku dalam mulutku sejak dua menjak ni.tahniah berjaya mencipta resah gelisah serta perbincangan hangat :)

Ida said...

abang adnin can babysit aizat and aiman ANYTIME!! They would love to have a big bro to bully as well...hehehe

hs said...

dear wiz

you always save the best for last... as always. take care

Wiz said...

Ida Bakar- Maafla Ida kerana telah memblock your breathing passage menyebabkan jantung anda berada di dalam lingkungan mulut anda. Anda boleh luahkan sekarang perlahan2 dan mula bernafas semula. LOL!

Ida Wid - Yes, Adnin gets bullied by Isha, Aiman and Aizat soon. What more a brother could ever ask. How come we never get to bully Nyah? I hate it when we lost to him EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Hs- I have always been known to save the best for last. I even teach my kids that, so much so, they eat all the nasi first and last the lauk. Not sure if it is a good thing or not. Thanks for reading Hs.

Adilah said...

Hahah.. dah agakkk dahhhh, I suspected it from the first entry (action nih).

Anyway, been meaning to comment, but was too busy. I can't seem to comment from my phone. I actually collected the 'love is' newspaper cutouts too! What a coincidence. But I think somebody threw them out :(

Boy's wedding cupcakes are really pretty, the ones that Ayin ordered. No wonder my cousin was really impressed, plus she had actually tasted your cupcakes during my son's aqiqah. She might be ordering for her son's brithday in May.

Alritey.. looking fwd to my cakes and cupcakes next month :)

Ida said...

yesss...i hate the way he threatens you to give in to him..."you want to do it the easy way..or the hard way"...arrghhh...and you just HAVE to give in...grrrr...

mysarahakim said...

Wiz..I might not knowing you personally but the story made me so intense & really want to know whats the end!!Kept saying "OMG! how can she be so willing!!" again & again. As for me I told straight to my children that I am already old & expired to give them another baby! now make me thinking am I too direct with my children? ha ha you are such a great writer Whiz!!

Wiz said...

Adilah - YOu knew all along? clever girl. Next month is juat a few days awayyyyyyyyyy. So what else are you getting your husband other than cakes?

Mysarahakim - Trust me I am not and will never be a willing soul to that kind of question ha ha ha. Thanks for dropping by and for reading and for looking! Appreciate it.

Adilah said...

You emphasized a lot on age..then the Dora the explorer backpack gave it away. It's either because I dah khatam Sherlock Holmes or because when I was in standard 4, my teacher gave me a book titled 2 Minute-Mysteries. There were 1.5 to 2 pages of mystery stories & the reader was supposed to solve it based on the clues written in the stories. The answers are written upside down at the end of each stories. Really cool book for kids I tell ya!

I'm just getting the cake for my husband.. if you are talking about something tangible.. :)

PG CakeCraft said...

hi wiz, reading ur short story reminded me of the romantic novels by Barbara Cartland & Denise Robbins.i used to read novels by these two great romantic novelists before the advent of the internet. nowadays i just couldn't find the time to curl up on the sofa with good a book. gone where the days when one can sit down and watch the time pass us by slowly, but now everything is moving on a fast lane. whiz, what can i say, you are not only a fabulous cake decorator but also a good writer. i will certainly look up on you to read more of your 'short stories'.

Wiz said...

Adilah - Yeaaaa! I thought the DOra thingy gave it all away but you'd be surprised to the emails I got asking me to stay strong. But it was sweet of them. Many were worried especially my relatives. Those mystery books make you a good spy la!

PG CakeCraft - Many think that I read a lot of novels since I perasanly write like one. Well, I don't actually. I have probably read less than 10 kut in my entire life, which is not very impressive. But I am honoured when you were reminded of your beloved authors after reading my entries. I can only write of my experience unlike the wonderful authors who create the experience with a piece of their imagination. Thanks so much for reading and for the lovelywords you were so generous to pen here.

Adilah said...

Haha, perhaps I should consider a career change. I agree with PG CakeCraft, you are a very good writer. In addition to that, you really have and eye for design. I've compared your blog to others, a lot of ppl tend to clutter their blog, but they way you do your layout/choice of font,background colors etc.. it invites people to read the contents :)

Muzamil said...


Adilah ni mmg la suka nak discover things and well she's damn good at it.

Nevertheless we still managed to surprise her :D Great teamwork sista!

Wiz said...

Muzamil - Yes nevertheless! High five bro!