Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Till The End Of Time

Thank you so so much Anne.

I was there, at the scene of my thoughts, eyes staring blankly forward, fingers drumming the passing seconds and lips humming to a familiar tune. It has become a consistent affair now to align my thoughts with all of the above actions, crystallizing the apprehension of the unversed. I was in love with the idea, adored the very thought of doing something different for a wedding cake. But when the unnerving side of me took charge, the mere thought of executing it became extremely formidable. Here was a cake which would defy gravity, one that would have to travel down south on the day when everyone else chose to tread on the same road.

It was indeed a gargantuan job for this ugly duckling.

However, building dessert from sketches of love modelled by words from brides to be is purely humbling. I share the passion, the fervor, the animation of my customers towards materializing their love onto the wedding cake. It is the grand finale of their beautiful day, the delectable end to a sweet start. The most wonderful thing is I get to feel the love and blessings scattered all around, as brief as my presence is, I am still able to thrive on them.

And miraculously, upon each completion, this ugly duckling moves much closer to flapping its wings along side with the other swans.

Loving You Till The End Of Time.

14 treats:

LizMan said...

Wow K Wiz!!!! tak terkata cantiknye!!!!! Sgt Suka!!! Cikgu Wiz ni memang sgt berbakat!!! Filiz

Kitchen Guardian said...

sejuk hati tengok itik itik cute mute pepagi hari ni at office....sungguhlah cantik wiz!

Lisajoehari said...

Wiz nak cake camni satu for mu anniversary pweassseee! tapi nak kucing 2 ekor can kah? hehehe

It's beautiful, dear

Ida said...


OMG! you finally did it.such genius.

Linda Hussin said...

Kak Wiz, wallaaa cantiknye =D

Ho Ho Ho said...

Wow....and WOW!!! Beauty!!

MHB said...

they call it love, love, love, love, love...

awwww... CINTA :)

how do you make the necks to stay put, wiz!!

Ms Red Hat said...

They are too gorgeous to be called ugly ducklings. I am sure all the black swans in the Queens Garden would cringe with envy if they see your beautiful swans!

- azlin - said...

Excellent !!!

hs said...

you are absolutely brilliant with your hands.....

Fiza said...

kak wiz.. i ni sedang mabuk huhuhu..tgk itik 2 ekor yang lawa ni dapat jugak i very romantic..!

mush, brecht & nora said...

hey ya Wiz, how hv U been? Lama tak chat dengan hang, rindu betui! Yg tu hari dapat makan maggie asam laksa, dok teringat kat hang... hehehehhe take care, and u know if u work very hard, U JUST HAVE TO PLAY hard also!! = ) hugs!

Wiz said...

Filiz - Thanks Filiz, tgk la sapa anak murid dia!

Yanie - Tgk yang dah siap memang sejuk hati, masa buat panas!!!! Alhamdulillah jadi.

Lisa- Kucing? Pengsan siap siap dah. But am willing to give it a try but wait seminit, why don't you just holler to your crew at the back to do, haiya, lagi dekat and senang la. But thanks so much for liking it. A lot of work there.

Ida - Yup, finally! I was having nightmares prior to the event. Thanks

Linda - Thanks so much!

Ho Ho HO - Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

MHB - Yup love is all around at this time of the year. So my blog akan byk lagu love love love jer. Bear with me k.

Salina- The ugly duckling tu is me la, ha ha ha.

Kak Lin - Thank You!

hs- Thanks so much, will try to make use of the only pair I have to come up with as many beauties. You've got quite a pair too I reckon.

Fiza - Mabuk cinta, mabuk laut, mabuk jeng jeng jeng, which one?

Mush - Hang rindu kat cheq ka? Cheq pun duk tringat kat hang ni. Susah la nak tangkap hang kat internet ni. Thanks for dropping by Mush.

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

wiz, i shall say it the kelantan way .. CHO-MEY!!!

and, coincidentally, when i was staying at thestudio in seminyak, there were 2 adorable pet geese, which we fondly called medina and aishah, after my niece and her friend... :)