Wednesday, February 3, 2010


For a good friend who has been working too hard. You know who you are.

...for no one knows how battered inside you are, except for you and the Al-Mighty whom you raise your palms to. The closest of friends, the meanest of fiends, the dearest of husband, the loveliest of kids, the cutest of pets could only fathom a fraction of your woes. Pretense seems to be the best of a strategy to get by. Try as hard as your will lets you and make beknownst to the rest of the world you are walking tall despite the "all".

Accompany the rain when it cries,
blow your sorrows when the wind passes by,
shine when the sun stares right through
and smile even when no one smiles back at you.

For you are the very reason that makes your life worth while.
Warmest thoughts

This entry is also for all my readers who have given so much to the people around them come rain or shine. You make me smile.

This cake makes me smile too.

Thank you so much Matun!

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Juliana Mohd Daud said...

all your cakes make me smile... on days when i just want to give up and cry, i go to inawhiz and i am replenished and reenergised... thank you :)

Wiz said...

Jules - The song is for you. Muahs

Wiz said...

Coz I know how hard you have been working all day and all night long.

hs said...

hi wiz, your cakes never fail to put smiles on our faces indeed! love the pastel colors of the flowers, btw, what are those?

Kitchen Guardian said...

wiz...i pun work hard day and nite tau :) ohhh this cake me me smile too!

MHB said...

masya-Allah!! i'm making this my screensaver!! :))

Wiz said...

hs - Thanks. I amnot sure which ones are you referring to. The flowers or the colours or the cakes?

Yanie- I know. Sometimes I wonder whether are you a human or some kind of a super hero. And despite it all, I have never seen you not smiling. Thanks for sharing with me some of the sunshine you have in your smile. I am feeling warm already.

MHB - The cake you just made should be your screen saver. It's gorgeous. The colours and the figurine are wonderful.

Adilah said...

Wiz, the cake is absolutely beautiful, i love the colors. The flowers are breathtaking. How long did it took you to make those?