Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Last Message from the Last Messenger

Many thanks to Yasheedah, Adilah, Kush, Sonia, Zurina and Nura.

Salam Maulidul Rasul to all. Semoga kita semua akan mendapat syafaatnya di akhir hari nanti. Amin.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Ben Story

Thanks so much Suri

Thanks so much Zura

Thanks so much Seri

Monday, February 22, 2010

Love Is...

I could never remember having a hobby when I was younger. A real hobby like crafting, collecting stamps or badges, not even baking! I was a " neither this nor that" child, growing up confused and bemused at the very thought of having to grow up. I became the subject of concern to my parents, the one who was unlikely to be anything due to my snail pace development. My world was my room and the stack of general knowledge books my father paid in installments for. I still read them now, obsolete and all, at times when I feel I have walked too far from the room I left so long ago, at times when I miss listening to my arwah Tok's fables recited tirelessly from the lazy chair he was so fond of.

When my daughter surrendered the treasure she had found in one of those dusty boxes which was labelled "private and confidential" it occurred to me that I did actually have a hobby. Stashed in the pages of my books were piles of newspaper clippings, pictures, cartoon strips which perhaps moved me at that time. Quotes, thoughts of the day, words to ponder were cut out and some were pasted cozily in corners of my organizers or deliberately left to brew in between significant pages. What was unearthed made more sense now than before. It was as if they were saved in order to be found at a time most opportune for me.

Below are some of the newspaper cut outs which landed "Forest Gumply" on my hands. I have stacks of these and maybe I will show the rest when it is time. Enjoy.

Love is...

...sharing some moonlight.

...writing initials in the sand.

...lotsa hugs and kisses.

...telling each other your dreams.

and most surely

...never having to walk alone.

Thanks so so much sweet Azareena.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Till The End Of Time

Thank you so so much Anne.

I was there, at the scene of my thoughts, eyes staring blankly forward, fingers drumming the passing seconds and lips humming to a familiar tune. It has become a consistent affair now to align my thoughts with all of the above actions, crystallizing the apprehension of the unversed. I was in love with the idea, adored the very thought of doing something different for a wedding cake. But when the unnerving side of me took charge, the mere thought of executing it became extremely formidable. Here was a cake which would defy gravity, one that would have to travel down south on the day when everyone else chose to tread on the same road.

It was indeed a gargantuan job for this ugly duckling.

However, building dessert from sketches of love modelled by words from brides to be is purely humbling. I share the passion, the fervor, the animation of my customers towards materializing their love onto the wedding cake. It is the grand finale of their beautiful day, the delectable end to a sweet start. The most wonderful thing is I get to feel the love and blessings scattered all around, as brief as my presence is, I am still able to thrive on them.

And miraculously, upon each completion, this ugly duckling moves much closer to flapping its wings along side with the other swans.

Loving You Till The End Of Time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Let the silence rinse the starch on my shirt.

Thanks so so much Izanie, Fazrina, Kak Lin and Hazlin.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just You And Me

I felt a tingle down my spine when my better other mumbled something similar. That he was tired, knackered to his knees of the routineness. We both thought of breaking away just for awhile and going for the honeymoon we never had. Destination is not of utmost importance now, but solitude is. We could be amongst the clouds on a mountain or swim with the tropical fish under the clear blue sky or hum with burung kenari biru by the breezy countryside or chase each other around a lake listening to the cackles of a family duck. We could.

But as we were raking our brains to match the destination with our strained budget simultaneously humming to Zee Avi, instances of "the honeymoon we never had" came back to play. You see, 14 years ago we did have our honeymoon in the exotic land of Sarawak. Booked our tickets, packed our bags, planned our itinerary ...along with 14 other family members! Instead of a honeymoon, it became a familymoon. The moment one family member heard about the cheap package we acquired, everyone was interested to go and so the snow ball effect took place and before we could shout out Yay, the rest of the clan was already at the airport screaming Hurrah!

Paparappapaaaaaa...and instead of just "you and me", Mak, Ayah, Yeop, Nyah and spouses, Kak Yong and family, Opah , Makngah and Pakngah were also lying on their backs on Damai beach feeling the water streaming and dreaming...together . It was fun as well as hilarious to think of having almost the entire clan on our honeymoon. We chased after the Frisbee, bury our little toes in the sand and laughed in chorus. Despite the overloaded merriment, there were always those times when we'd still be in our own world, huddled in the little pocket of time somehow. To see only what we chose to see and to listen only what we chose to listen. We maneuvered ourselves amidst the chattering hordes and glided gleefully away from the rest by just speaking with our eyes before breaking a smile every now and then. Amusing.

Gave our piggy bank a shake and we came to a consensus that the honeymoon trip has to wait for a little while longer. As for now, watching mega movie in our living room with a plate of keropok goreng would have to suffice. Paparappaaaaa, paparappapapaaaaa....

Thanks so much Hazlin

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


For a good friend who has been working too hard. You know who you are.

...for no one knows how battered inside you are, except for you and the Al-Mighty whom you raise your palms to. The closest of friends, the meanest of fiends, the dearest of husband, the loveliest of kids, the cutest of pets could only fathom a fraction of your woes. Pretense seems to be the best of a strategy to get by. Try as hard as your will lets you and make beknownst to the rest of the world you are walking tall despite the "all".

Accompany the rain when it cries,
blow your sorrows when the wind passes by,
shine when the sun stares right through
and smile even when no one smiles back at you.

For you are the very reason that makes your life worth while.
Warmest thoughts

This entry is also for all my readers who have given so much to the people around them come rain or shine. You make me smile.

This cake makes me smile too.

Thank you so much Matun!