Sunday, January 24, 2010

Starry Starry Night

In a fast forward mode, I walked past my sugarpaste counter only to be in an assembly with a cast of new characters. I turned to see the remnants of my fondant, tightly wrapped, impervious even to ant attacks. It has been exactly 2 weeks now since my last withdrawal to anything fondant. I just stopped baking art. The kids' bread and butter were totally dependent on this new project... wary of uncertainties, I cringed in agreement. I just had to do it, to know what I am capable of. Selling myself short has been the prime trade of my business nowadays, a feeble excuse to move forward whilst the head refuses to look in the same direction.

In this hole I create, in this hollow I colour, on the refrigerator I draw, on these walls I paint and on these pages I doodle. If you have snugged into this burrow of mine you would have been the few guests to feast on my queer art...and you would know that I have always given my all, every little thing that I've got.

Van Gogh was never alone after all.

It's a starry starry night,

...every night.

Will introduce new family members soon.

7 treats:

Kitchen Guardian said...

i love van gogh and i love monet....and i love the sugarpaste art of yours..cant wait to see your latest creation!

hs said...

dear wiz.... i think one fine day I should bring YOU to see all the masterpieces of Impressionist like Van gogh,Manet,seurat, Renoir...etc to all the beautiful european cities... hopping to one city to museum to the next...all savouring all the sweet treats along the way...

Wiz said...

Yanie - You are always the first to comment. Appreciate that. I don't know why but I get readers who email me their thoughts rather than commenting here. Maybe they want to be discreet and maybe they want to write longer. Will one day conduct figurine classes. I know I have been saying it, tapi tak semapt lagi nak buat la makcik.

hs - waaaaaa, you are giving me ideas already. It would be wonderful to do all of those things you mentioned but it sounds like a story from my dream jer. Tak tercapai jauhnya. But I still consider that as a formal invitation. Woo hooo, next destination ROME!

Adilah said...

oh wiz, i commented on your last blog entry, tapi tak kuar pun :(

blue bubble gum said...

Wiz, your new family members are so adorable..

Ms Red Hat said...

The song is as beautiful as your writing. Wish that i have one of your many talents.

Wiz said...

Adilah - What happened? I never got it. Sorry.

Blue bubble gum - They are to my eyes. Happy to know others feel the same way. Thanks.

Ms Red Hat - You have many more! YOur talents supercede mine anytime. Go for it!