Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spilled Dreams

There were cryings, every time the wheels shrieked in. The sound seeped through the door, kept ajar for that someone to enter with permission. The cryings were timely, scheduled at the interval of a couple of hours. I peeped through the holes on the curtain to check if it was our turn. A few more doors before the inevitable.

A faint voice of authority could be heard in between screams and shouts. Sometimes you are forced to be cruel to be kind. We understood that. But the little ones didn't. A prick would seem like a stab to the heart, ours and worse still theirs. It's too painful to watch, too agonizing to experience.

The temperature dropped drastically when night came. I wrapped the both of us in a sleeping bag, thick enough to repel the coldness of the desolated. The tv kept us company, sustained our sanity and entertained us with endless movies we needed catching up to. The tears in my eyes trickled mercilessly but I wasn't crying, I was just yawning endlessly due to exhaustion. As I was just about to allow these eyes to rest, it was then, the inevitable happened. The spooky sound of the wheels accompanied the presence of the unwelcome. With much struggle, we wrestled to induce aversion to the perpetrators. Our repugnance however, resulted in stronger actions which saw us deflecting every single attack with much gust. I remembered being constantly tugged by the hand when I was trying to shield my son. The tugging lasted only for awhile though, until I was brought back to my senses. Until I was awakened by the nurse with a syringe in her hand.

It was our turn. And the crying began.

Thank you so so much Liza!

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Ida said...


breaks my heart reading this:( i hope your son is on the mend. the little one at home has also his share of being prodded for his blood times i don't know who is the stronger, we, the adults, for not breaking down at the sight of needle sucking the precious liquid or him for falling sleeping immediately after the initial shriek. i truly believe what my late mom said, anak-anak ni diapung malaikat.

Ho Ho Ho said...

I am lost for words.... heart wrenching...its every mothers 'nightmare' even when our kids have bouts of common cold...

MHB said...

wizzy dear, how is your son doing? what actually happened? i'm not a good friend lah kalau i tak amik tauu...

whatever it is, he's blessed to have a loving and dedicated mom.. and i like what Ida, the first commentor said, "anak-anak diapung malaikat".. take care wiz!!

p/s: your cakes looks GORGEOUS as always!!

Ms Wong said...


I hope your son is recovering. My prayer goes to you and your family.

Take care.

Kitchen Guardian said...

wiz,Allah tak duga kita dengan apa yang kita tak boleh pikul...your son will be ok, inshaallah..i love the way you raise your children with so much gentleness...esp the suap makan bit...your cakes...what can i say, you are my biggest inspiration!

Wiz said...

Ida- How's the little one? They are the stronger one, Ida. I just crumble at the first sight. It's all an act outside but inside I am all jello. My dua for your little one.

Ho Ho HO- It is a nightmare everytime. You'd wish that you are the one in pain not them kan. It gets to you everytime. Thanks for dropping by.

My son is alright now. He has been discharged and now recovering. We both are actually he he he.

Ms Wong - Thank you thank you thank you so much.

Yanie - Yes, I do believe that. And with friends like you, one tends to be stronger and richer. Thank you for a lot of things but most of all for being a one in a million friend.