Monday, January 18, 2010

Just Haven't Met You Yet!

Here are my kids saying... "Thank you!"

It's enriching, life is...truly. At times when moments seize you in depressions but all too abruptly it deftly captures your elation at a twinkle of a child's eye. The frailties of your emotions is often consolidated by words and gestures that moved you, by people who responded to you, by friends who reached out to you. Beautiful people near and far waltzed to your cause, smiled to your request and nodded to your wrought expectations with sturdy support sent via dua's and well wishes. I am feeling it now and it has sprouted a garden in my heart.

The beauty of the Internet is you get to meet beautiful people with precious hearts. Although I haven't been given the opportunity to grace their presence personally, it feels somehow, as if, I have met them. These are the people who make my day when the day doesn't want to be made, the same people who move my limbs when these limbs do not wish to be moved. And right now thanks to you, you and you, yes YOU! I am all feeling all rosy and better. A special thanks to YOU Muna for the donation all the way from Denmark! I skipped my way back from the mail box the moment I saw the Denmark stamp. I would love to meet you one day Muna!

Another one of my days was made when an old friend took time to see me. We haven't seen each other more than a dozen of years and to see her that day made up for all the lost time. It was the same eyes, the cheery pair which I last saw when we parted and the same ones that greeted me the other day. Nothing's changed. Her eyes still glow as only Ida's eyes can glow.

And to all who have banked in your sincere contributions to the Tabung Surau, without notifying me, I wish to extend my ever lasting gratitude to each and everyone of you special people. I am greatly humbled by your time and gesture. Thank you thank you, thank you, thank you for the flowers growing in my heart.

Thanks for the order Am! Am is the brother to the bride, the sweetest guy you will ever meet. A mother in law's dream anak menantu. But sorry gals, he is taken!

9 treats:

Hannanika Chan said...

kak wiz...that's a really nice cake!
how much ye like that?

M-O-M said...

OMG kak kek itu sangat cantek!!!! am loving it. U take care okay.

t3mah said...

Gorgeous! You are so creative. love love love the design. Mesti sayang nak makan! :)

Kitchen Guardian said...

wiz, it's so very true and we are blessed with people around us kan, like you to me!!
hai pengantin ni dok di castle ka? wahtever it is your creations are getting better leaps and bounds, you are so talentedlah wiz...
jom pi ayer baloi raya cina?

SweetyYummie said...

wow!!!cantik k wiz!!! comel and nampak mcm terus nk makan!!nyam..nyam.. esp marshmallow!!!I always love your choice of colours!!!

hs said...

dear wiz.. i think we have to count on our abundance that we have on friendship,acquantainceship etc... those factors enrich our lives at the end of the day. Love the michele buble's song... just love it. what a crooner.

Ida said...

is this the jack and the bean stalk cake? Hmmm....

Wiz said...

Hannanika Chan - That's quite a tall cake, 4 tiers exactly. Bottom sized at 13 inches, middle 8 and top 6 with a castle of slightly smaller than the 6 inches.

If you are interested email me here

Dian - Thank you Hoccay! heeeeee

t3mah - Thanks thanks thanks. Sayang nak makan rugi la jawabnya. But they did get to eat it eventually.

Yanie- Would love to Yanie, but just haven't got the time. One day k. Thanks

Sweety Yummie- The kids attack the marsmallows firts. It took 5 bags of marmallows to cover the tiers. Thanks.

hs - Love the song too. Puts me in a good mood. Thanks for dropping by.

Ida ngoks- It was initialy planned that way but considering that I have to transport all the way to Ipoh, I better not take any chances of having stacked cakes. Takut nanti collapse.

Rina Sharif said...

gosh! what a beautiful and lovely you have there kak! love the colors.. hope i can be like u one day!