Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Love Changes Everything

The strangest thing about love is the way it swings you up to the sky and releases you into the clouds. What floats through with you would be clouds shaped as what your eyes desire to see, the serene, uplifting images of your perfect dream. It changes the blind to the sighted, the impaired to the able, the weak to to the strong. It moves you, empowers you with the mobility to go farther than you could have ever imagined possible.

I met an old friend the other day. A successful entrepeuner now, someone who you would love to make idol. She is as I could see empowered by her love to make a change, literally changing the world into a better place. When precious time is allocated to see and hear someone so positive, you'd turn to believe that you are one too. It's contagious, good things are. The meeting was all about love, love for passion, love for love sake. Thanks Ija for the honour.

It's love which got me here. Love that fuels me up. Love which keeps me company. Without it I am just a bland, sugarless concoction of cake.

It was all about love folks, the love and the thoughts of a girl to a boy. Long distance relationship is never easy but these two girls Nadya from Manchester and Nana from Egypt proved otherwise. Thank you so much girls for the order.

Ich vermisse du Liebling.

3 treats:

blue bubble gum said...

Wizz..don't swing me too high up the sky coz if you release me into the clouds, i may fall down like the raindrops..hehehe

Your love can really be felt in every of your masterpiece. Thank you for inspiring me..

As I was talking to you, i was also reminding myself that our passion must also begin with the right niyyah and insya Allah every thing else can be dealt with..

Wiz said...

Zaliza - Yes you would fall like the raindrops but only to shower the rest of us with your positivity. A good thing. ;o)

Kitchen Guardian said...

yup changes love for my husband made me change from nasi for breakfast to roti...and my love for baking now is making my life turn leaps and bounds....and it hasnt stopped!