Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I am running out of "ifs" to excuse myself from writing. In fact "if" is running away from me excusing itself from if-fing around. If "if" is our staple food, I would be well nourished, if "if" is the national currency, I would be ridiculously rich, if "if" is my strength, I would not be exhausted at the end of the day, that's how filled I am with "ifs".

But if I had one more "if" left to use, I would most definitely use it to compose a poem on behalf of this sweet lady called Phang. Her kind gesture and her thoughtfulness towards her lecturer blew me away. And when you meet a soft-spoken, appreciative, beautifully mannered customer like her, you would naturally give it your all. Thank you so much Phang for the order.

If only I could write better than would not waste your time reading my "if" entry.

If I have to describe you,
I would of a Spring.
Someone who nurtures new green sprouts,
releasing new beginnings.
I’d show you the seeds you sow
have all coming to bloom,
you allow our curiosity to grow,
in our ideas we passionately roam.

Your teachings really opened up my mind.
I saw more than what I chose to see,
The knowledge shared I could never find,
even in the vast library of my tenacity.
Thank you Sir, thank you so much,
Thank you for the knowledge,
Thank you for the Midas touch,
in all that you taught, in everything we gained,
for your time, wisdom and mostly for being a friend.


Thanks Celynn!

Thanks Zurina for the many orders!

4 treats:

Kitchen Guardian said...


if only i could run to have coffee with you and we'll have my homemade brownies together.....

wiz said...

yanie - If only...

Adilah said...

oh wiz, the cupcakes for Phang tu so beautifullllll... u are truly gifted.

raggedyanne said...

wow, love the beautiful poem!