Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In Need Indeed

It was our dream to live where we live right now. It was near to our work places, a walking distance to the secondary school, just a shout from the mamak stalls and most importantly as a Muslim, it was a few steps away from the designated surau. When the developer showed us the ground plan, the tapak surau was almost opposite of our house. We imagined growing old in this area, walking to the surau together to attend religious classes, to perform the tarawih, to be involved in the many community events and gotong royong.

But after 10 years, the surau stayed only a dream to the Muslim community of this Taman and in all the Tamans around the Sg. Long area. Up to this date not one surau has been built due to the disagreement of the majority of the non muslim folks. We have been performing our prayers at the nearby secondary school premise and due to the limited space of the school surau, many could not be present.

However, for the residents of my Taman, erecting a surau has always been the primary agenda. The men folk of our community has miraculously managed somehow to attain all the legal documents which took us 10 years to obtain from all the departments. And once all the legalities have been sorted out, the men folk has been toiling under the hot sun every weekend building the surau themselves with the very little money we have accumulated. You can't imagine the hardship involved in trying to have the surau erected. Threats, malicious acts from the opposing neighbours were all gulped down with patience and prayers. Reciprocation to those unfriendly gestures would only initiate more unwelcoming incidents, hence our silence. Deep inside we are persevering with the belief that good intentions would pull us through and insyaAllah it would make us stronger .

I am here, not only to share the story of my community but to seek help financially from good Samaritans out there who would be so generously magnanimous in their good will even if it is just donating a couple of ringgit to the cause. I have been baking for the volunteers, cakes and cupcakes and making them drinks, that's my contribution, the only way I know how. I wished I knew how to mix cement and to lay those red bricks, I wished I knew how to construct and build the mosque but regrettably I don't. I can only bake cakes for the volunteers as well as selling them and forward a portion of the sales to the Dana. But it all depends on all of you cake lovers out there. Your orders will help us build a holy place, a house of the Almighty, a roof over a congregation of jemaahs who will include your effort in the doas every time they raise their hands to amin their hopes and wishes.

If you would like to participate in the dana collection do email me at with the title Fisabilillah and order my muffettes, like the one above, of 49 pieces for RM45. Rm10 will go straight to the Tabung surau. But if you are not a cake person, you are so very welcomed to donate directly to the Tabung Surau via

"Tabung Pembinaan Surau Seksyen 11 Bandar Sg. Long"
Maybank Cawangan Jln Yong Shook Lin Petaling Jaya
Account Number 564182250337

Any amount would go a long way folks and hopefully this fisabilillah of ours would end 2009 with a good deed to a good start of 2010. I thank you in advance for your keperihatinan and I pray for your kesejahteraan in all of your undertakings.

Thank you so so much.


Dearest All,

Immediately after I posted this entry one good Samaritan indeed answered my call. It came to me as a surprise but then again knowing her, who is full of kindness, it brought tears to my eyes. The very first person who came to my aid was a non muslim. Thanks Phang!

Here's part of the little note that she wrote

"Hi Wiz...

I saw you are selling muff for the tabung surau, I am not a muslim but I live in Malaysia and mosque(s) since born. (in fact sembayang subuh is my alarm ;-))..."

How does that make you feel?
I know how I feel.

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Ms Wong said...


count me in. pls make the muffins for me. I would like to share the muffins with my newfound friends at ccu, sdmc. pls let me know where to bank in the money.


Zee's Sidekick said...

dear wiz,
salam. Iam your blog's silent reader /follower.Almost brought to tears reading about your plight and efforts. May Allah bless you all always.
InsyaAllah some token will be banked in.

Wiz said...

Ms Wong- Thank you for your participation. I will email you the details yea. Thanks again.

Zee's Sidekick - First of all thank you for reading me all this while. And second of all thank you for feeling my plight, your thoughts are good enough for me. Thirdly and most importantly, thank you so so much for the token. Your sedekah Jariah akan sentiasa berpanjangan selama surau tu digunakan. Hanya Allah sahaja yang termampu membalasnya. Because of concerned folks like you, deprived people like us will be given the opportunity to have a place to pray together. Thanks again.

LifeBloom said...

Hi Wiz

Am a friend of Yani's and I see that you know my senior Shaz as well..Small world.

Happy to donate whatever little I can to this effort and thanks so much for doing what you do :D

LifeBloom said...

hello again, would like to order the 45 cuppies in choc and vanilla for New year's in aid of the surau building too.

Cheers. Please let me know where to pick up et al. Thanks!

ICook4Fun said...

Count me in Wiz. Tapi I can collect the the cake and pay you when I balik KL in February. Is that ok with you?

Lisajoehari said...

tears in my eyes :)

i'm ordering too! (anytime you're coming over ok )