Friday, November 13, 2009

Fallin' For Chicago The Finale

I had in the pocket of my jeans a fortune cookie paper slip which says all that I needed to understand. I clenched it for awhile and moved on, bearing thoughts of guilt in the past. Sometimes amidst all the chaos in my life, I neglect to appreciate the view. Life is beautiful regardless of the falls, the bruises , the thorns and pebbles which often land into my shoes. But I guess, that's where the beauty lies, embrace it and be happy.

At the Willis Tower entrance...pose2 ala2 tak sedar diri ha ha ha

The soft patter of the rain soon soaked our spirit in rapture. We didn't run to take cover, we just walked and walked and basked in the cold air. The moment we reached The Willis Tower (formerly called The Sears Tower), the sun could hardly be seen or felt. All we could bear witness was this massive dark construction that stood tall before our eyes. It is said anyone could perform the impossible here, a magical place which allows one to be elevated and to float on air. Intrigued, we dashed in and saw what was too real to believe. True enough we were soon walking, crawling, meditating, jumping whilst cringing on air! It was one of the Woo Hoo! moments. Lisa and I were more of a natural but chef had to be coaxed and pushed and shoved to the transparent floor just for his picture to be taken. It is called the LEDGE, windows hanging or protruding from the Skydeck, 1353 feet and 103 floors over the windy city.

Lisa: "Wiz tengok I boleh float" whilst doing the yoga pose.
Chef : "Cepatla wiz I gayat ni...C EPAT!" sambil melakarkan senyuman manis untuk isteri tercinta.
Wiz: "Eh jom kita lompat2 bagi Chef takut, he he he." sambil berkata di dalam hati, kalau bungee jumping kat sini mesti ngeri .

The view from the Skydeck

When we decended the tower, night has blanketed the sky. It was still raining and by this time we were wet from head to toe. The Willis Tower was far from the rest of the attractions, so we decided to hop on the double-decker bus tour again and head to The Millennium Park to collect our free T-shirt. But when we got there all the shops were closed. The only thing to do was to walk around and to look for the "Cloudgate" or also known as "The Bean". If we were to stand in front of this mercury bean we would capture the skyline in it's reflection.

Lisa jumping in front of The Cloudgate, could you spot the skyline on "The Bean"?

All three of us squeezed onto the surface of the bean.

From there we dragged our feet across town, oh masa tu kaki sudah terasa denyutnya dan basahnya, to just enjoy the night scenery of Chicago. Places to take a peek were definitely Hard Rock Cafe, Macy, Crocs, and all the other branded stores, which names I have yet to include in my shopping vocabulary. The retail therapy was much needed just to meet with the many pesans from loved ones back home. Honestly, we didn't get much for ourselves, every penny was allocated for all the souvenirs, key chains, fridge magnets, postcards and inexpensive tokens from Chicago.

In the cold, in the rain, in the still of the night, and in love with Chicago.

As the night got darker and the neon lights got brighter, our steps apparently got heavier. It was sad to leave the windy city especially when were were just about to enjoy it. One day was too brief a time to inhale the sights and sounds, but we must bow out and make our exit. We have ticked almost everything in our checklist except for one. It was Lisa's compulsory place to go and we didn't know where to look for it. That one route, one final destination eluded us. At the last minute we decided to give it a miss as we feared of not being able to make it to the meeting with Pn Watie at the hotel. The air was freezing us out of our wet jackets and jeans, chastened, we continued our journey back when all of the sudden "...Wiz, tu dia, tu dia! I found it. We made it Wiz. Our journey is officially complete now". Well not in so many words folks but that was the gist of all her exclamations. It was indeed a grand finale, a sweet ending to our Chicago trip with us standing proudly on the most important road in America, the mother of all roads - The historical Route 66. History was indeed made!

Next: Fly with me to LA!

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Kitchen Guardian said...

the song is my all time fav...kira jiwang jugaklah i! hey route 66.....jom kita!

Wiz said...

Yanie - Mine too. Jom!

hs said...

i love the view from the skydeck! Again you have mesmerized us with your wonderful journey!

Wiz said...

Thanks HS. Would love to wwrite about Greece one day.

Ms Wong said...

Wiz, tak gayat ke duduk atas skydeck tu?

I like your photo taken in front of Willis Tower, maybe you can use that as your profile picture too!

Wiz said...

Hi Ms Wong,

Mula2 jer lepas tu ok. I think ladies tak senang gayat, men yang lebih ke arah itu.

That picture as my profile picture? Tapi nampak mcm perut dan tush saya seakan besar, bukan seakan malah lagi. Dan saya kelihatan sgt kerdil ataupun katik disitu ha ha ha. Thanks for dropping by. It's nice having you here.

Lisajoehari said...

hehe me and my Route 66 kan? hehe.. It was worth it. Senyum sampai ke telinga!Sayang masa kat California je i didnt have the chance to snap the other end of Route 66.