Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fallin' For Chicago Part II

The weather was just resplendent that morning. The cold air was warmly welcomed by us, visitors from the land of the tropics. The freezing wind wasn't a good enough reason not to tread the walks at Navy Pier. Lisa and I moved in all kinds of actions around the Pier from galloping, to prancing, to pacing, to scampering, springing, trotting, and shuffling...giggling away like two little girls with a big brother, the chef, minding our funny and most of the time awkward antics.

There first, no here, no that way, no this way...undecided.

Man on the sofa: So you two bake cakes?
Lisa: I don't but wiz here does. I am here to just make sure that she COMES back! he he he.
Wiz: Yes sir, I might not want to go back, stay here and bake cakes for you, how would you like that?
Man on the Sofa: oooooooo I would like that very much indeed Miss Wiz! Do come and visit me again sometimes.
Lisa and Wiz: Alright sir, we've got to run along now and play with your kids over there, nice meeting you!

Besides the family theme Park, the Pier also boasts on its scenic landscape along the promenade. We enjoyed the melodious stroll throughout, listening to music serenaded by the other visitors present. There was a band somewhere not visible to our eyes which was playing some tunes as well as independent individuals with saxophones of such. There wasn't a need to be the audience of their performance to appreciate their music, but we thoroughly enjoyed the rythm in the air nevertheless, hence the variety in our movements, to suit the harmonious ambiance.

The last glance at Navy Pier before boarding the Lake Cruise.

A scene in "My best friend's Wedding" spurred our next itinerary. We just had to hop on the lake cruise to experience the romance of it all sans our life partners. So there we were cruising Lake Michigan with the wind in our faces and thoughts of our loved ones' warm embrace. Many a time, all of us were robbed of our chatty selves with eyes gleaming of happy tears thinking of how surreal the experience was, syukur syukur syukur sangat. To me, the Chicago downtown trip was the highlight of the entire journey and I remembered reminding myself to savour every single detail sighted that day. From the yellow birds perching on that particular tree to the ruffles of the autumn leaves passing us by to the whitewash bubbles trailing the water taxi. Everything was stored in a scrapbook like arrangements with emotions attached to every picture snapped in our minds. In my mind for sure at least.

Views from the Water Taxi.

The moment we stepped out from the boat acknowledging the end of the memorable cruise, tiny droplets or rain greeted us. Without raincoats or extra waterproof jackets we ushered the rain
welcoming it as hujan rahmat di bumi orang. How we wished it was snow instead but travelling beggars couldn't be choosers ;o).

To answer the question what did I steal that day?...lots! I stole the wondrous views of the magnificient lake, the air which indefinitely resides in the pores of my skin now, the cookie aroma that decorates my olfactory, just awaiting for another trigger, the smiles of other visitors that warmed my heart and most importantly a moment in time where I could happily regale the tales to my kids and the kids after them, if I lived long enough. But what I stole that day were stories bagged in the most fanciful way, kept long enough for me to pass them on to you, the readers of in a whiz. It was more for you than for anyone else...with a strong message "Dreams do come true" holding on to my mother's words and sharing them with you now..."Keep on wishing and praying."

Stay tune to "Chicago The Finale

One Moment In Time.

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zue said...

love this song Wiz, reminds me of the movie "Pretty woman'(masa they all nak pi tengok opera tu), which my hubby and I came out smiling after watching it at the theatre somewhere in London during our student days. We didn't know what the movie was all about, kita masuk je and glad that we did. Yeah, that's right, keep on dreaming for dreams do come true if we wish for it hard enough.

Ms Wong said...

Hi Wiz,

Im reading you from KL and about to go for my lunch and was thinking I better read you before I forget.

I love to look at the picture of you and Lisa pretending you were talking to the Man on the Sofa and the one with his kids. It really brings back memories for me cos I used to play that "type of game" with my kampong friends!

I also like the movie My Best Friend's Wedding, and if I were to be there to experience the romance of it , I am sure I will cry my heart out as I really nagis bila tengok scene atas boat tu..

Can't wait for part III. Once again nice entry Wiz!

Lisajoehari said...

XOXO Chicago.
Love all your posts and all our poses!

Wiz said...

Zue - The power of a familiar melody kan Zue. I am glad that it brought back the romantic moments of you and hubby. But it would be more apt to play this song masa my LA entry nanti coz that was where Pretty Woman was filmed. And we were there right in the middle of it all without the stars and the camera and all the sha bang ofcourse. But we made it there, another one of my fav movie Zue.

Ms WOng - Aaaa you are in KL, good to know. And eerrrm we weren't pretending Ms WOng, we were really having a conversation with him ha ha ha. Sib baik he was not huggable, if not lama dah kena peluk dgn kita orang ha ha ha. Thanks for reading me, wherever you are.

Lisa- Likewise Lisa like wise. Suke le tu byk gambar2 yang beranika posing lagi. Hope these entries will bring us back to where we left Chicago, the video the pictures, the write up. If I failed to write every single detail, I am afraid the journey would be forgotten. Tu la ni trying to capture everything. Hope I didnt forget anything.

about kitchen guardian food said...


i nak pi chicago, i nak pi new york, nak pi nak pi nak pi....yes dreams do come dreaming now!! either you make history or you are history kan kan!!

Yani KG

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

dear wiz
i am so glad u get to see Chicago, did u also manage to take a peek at Oprah's studio?? anyways, i hv enjoyed every one of your photo, thx for bringing Chiacago live to us = ) I hope to get this city someday too. Will return for more ; ) Hugs and happy baking days ahead.


Wiz said...

Yanie - Pi Yanie Pi! that would be my cheer for you from now on k. Pejam mata and get the tickets and go and make history for yourself. Tapi tanya I dulu, kut2 I nak ikut ha ha ha.

Mush - I am so glad too Mush. We just passed by the studio je tak masuk je Mush coz it was drizzling all day and there were so many stops and we got lost along the way, baju basah stoking basah. But there was never a second along the way that I didn't say to lisa "...Lisa, can you believe it? we are in chicago lisa, right now, right this minute!" and pinch myself time and again. Thanks for dropping by Mush.