Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Cake That Didn't

The are times when moments capture me with thoughts of uncertainty whether the sharing of my trips are regaling or revolting to the visitors of this space. I would like to be comforted that it is the former instead of the latter. I find the need to write, not just to be read or heard, but for the memoirs to be kept and to be viewed again just like we do of a photo album, wedding albums especially. I love to be reminded of favourite places and faces or be triggered by certain scents just to go back in time and seize the "once upon a time" moments. Blogging does that to me to a certain extent. Thoughts, experiences and trips are jotted down and insyaAllah saved for my kids to read, to be happy, sad or even to be embarrassed when time is opportune for them. This has become more than a cake blog or "cakey" stories, this is a life journey.

I forgot to put the single rose on top. Below is the complete cake.

I have not put any pictures of my cakes ever since I returned from the States. Here is one that didn't actually make it to the bride and groom. I wasn't the one who transported the two tier cake. A friend of the bride did. But for courtesy sake I returned 5/6 of the payment to the customer. One week's work disappeared, itulah namanya rezeki. Selagi tak sampai ke tangan kita, it is not ours to claim. It's not a question of faults, to me it's a question of intergrity eventhough it wasn't clear what happened along the way.

I would put a halt to my US entries for awhile to give way to my cakes. This is to ensure no casualties of diarrhoea or nauseousness involved.

Till then, have a beautiful week ahead folks with lots of love and hugs from the people who love you the most. I am sure you know who they are.

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zue said...

Salam Wiz, I chose the former, I share your view on the reasons for blogging, or rather, the jotting or writing of our thots, or what came to mind at that moment in time, of sharing our life journey, be they read or or not by others are secondary, if they share their thots and comments, they are most welcome but the thot of writing and putting down our thot is comforting enough. yes, it is like a mobile photo album where you can have access to it anytime, any place without having to keep them on shelves or stuck away in thecloset, sometimes feelings are expressed better in writing rather than in words. I do enjoy reading your thoughts and I enjoyed looking and admiring your cakes equally.
ciao, nak rileks jap baru balik deliver my cuppies ......

Wolverina said...

but that's not your fault! you should be the one to have the 5/6 of the payment and not them. Penat je teacher buat cantik2 habis macam tu je. *geram pulak*

MHB said...

masya'Allah... so beeeeyoootiful. I so love the colours la Wiz.

Kitchen Guardian said...

yup wiz,'s also the same with me, my blog is where i jot things that i want to remember, coz along the path of my life i have forgotten so many things and some are very precious memories...even sad stories are precious too, because of the lessons learnt!, i wont muntah wt your us stories!
3.i pernah tak accept payment coz the person who boughjt kata the cakes were not moist enough...ah fell rezeki, no regrets...inshaallah dia datang lagi...

mrs red hat said...

You're too generous for your own good and i pray that no clients of yours will take advantage of ur kindness in the future.
Your blog is inspirational to many esp to women who dream big and have very little in their pocket. The small smokey oven in Sungai Long has taken you to Chicago and now you have many feathers to decorate your hat - you r now a certified trainer with a masters degree, a much loved english teacher to ur students, a wonderful mum to ur bright and polite children and a loving wife to ur husband. Not to mention...a great friend who shares my deepest secrets heehehe. And please don't limit ur stories to cakey anecdotes as they are so much wisdom that could be gained from ur life journey.

Love from the kangaroo land

raggedyanne said...

omg, what happened to that beautiful cake? i couldn't think of anything horrible happen to it.

and yes, we come here for your beautiful entries as well, none is diarrhea inducing ok!

Wiz said...

Zue - Thanks so much Zue. Thanks for always leaving wonderful words in this virtual album of mine. I am getting old, jotting things down make me preserve memories.

Azie - Ntahlah zie, sometimes in this biz you do get yourself in this sticky sweet mess. But when your customer has expressed their thoughts about the cake, I was just compelled to return the money. It became my responsibility already.

MHB - Thanks for texting me last night. It cheered this little soapy heart of mine. Talk about wonderful timing!

1. Yes, bloging is a wonderful way to preserve thoughts which might get lost along the way. Ye la kita bukannya akan jadi lagi muda. Ni pun byk dah lupa kan.
2. Ha ha ha, sib baik tak muntah. I dah penin2 lalat dah ni.
3. If a simple cake and also if you do not depend entirely on cake making for your income and that the cake you make do not take a whole week and that cake is the only order for that week which makes it your sole income, then I wouldn't mind returning all the money. The portion I took could not even cover raw materials.

Redhat - You have always been there for me and somehow you know what I am going through without me even signalling it to you. For that I thank you. It's nice to have someone who could read your mind and you are that telepathy contact I know I could rely on. Thanks.

Anne - They say it wasn't presentable to be displayed. But they did say it was delicious. Still good to eat. I take it as sedekah je la. But the flowers took me awhile and yes, it was very difficult for me to let it go too. Thanks for dropping by Anne.

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

dearest wiz
here i am expecting stories of LA but i found your cakey stories and realise somehow i hv missed them abit. Thanks for putting them up again - u hv a natural talent to link all your cakey creative works into life's challenges.... i hope the road u hv succesfully taken will bring u many more wonderful surprises Wiz.... ; )

Salam sayang and rindu dari belgium
M u s h xoxo

Kitchen Guardian said...

yelah wiz, mine was buttercream, yours yg penat uli fondant, i can imagine!

Wiz said...

Mush - Dear, I love the new colour of house Mush so sunny! I'm sure it stands out from the rest kan. Cake is my life challenge now. I am not relating it or linking it, the challenges are of reality to me. The difficulties are there everytime, no matter how much you try to eliminate the probable cause. Sharing them here just to show that"... Phew! I made it" even after sekian kali membuatnya. But I am glad you see it that way, I think you are probably the only one who sees it Mush. I get the feeling that you do. Dont you?

Wiz said...

Yanie - Like I said it was my sole income that week. Penat was secondary.

nwd261 said...

Dear Wiz,

OMG, this cake is so so beautiful, i dont see any cacat pun kat cake ni. Hmmm..sometimes it is so diff to satisfy ppl.

Anyway, for me i come to your blog to see your creative and beautiful creations and also to share your story dan tak lupa enjoy all the songs...jiwang dah datang...yes, when i fall in love with inawhiz.blogspot, la ni hari2 nak visit..:)

Min Bakingproject said...

Salam Wiz, congrats to you and Chef for becoming a PME trainer.. I just came back from Sugarflour, sempat jumpa Lisa and Chef. Was hoping you were there. Anyway, congrats again ya.

Lisajoehari said...

It was a very beautiful cake and by right you shouldnt have returned back the money to them.(they ate the cake, didnt they?)or... did they return back the cake to you and demand for a refund?

The cake wasnt delivered by you anyway. From my experience in delivering and transporting cakes, it is either:

The driver tgh cakap phone and....
-The driver didnt put the seatbelt on the cake box
-The driver made an emergency brake
- The driver tak sempat nak brake and terus terjah bumper so cake tu melompat-lompat
-The driver was driving recklessly
-The driver masuk a big pothole
-The driver masuk longkang
-The driver made a sharp turn or corner baring or some sort.


zaitgha said...

this is the 2nd time i read this posting of first i thought the cake fell off during transportation, however reading the comments they said it was not good enough to display?? .....i think ur customer was too me that cake was so pretty and most ppl would be happy to have it in the middle of meja pengantin....but in our world, we met all kind of ppl kan?? do continue sharing your cakes story, i like them though most of the time i came through the back door....malu lah ha ha ha take care Wiz

Wiz said...

Zaithgha- Hi how are you? Thanks for dropping me a line. You are always welcome here. Back door is through my kitchen door actually, and that's the entrance for close family and friends really. So I guess that makes you one. In regards
of the cake, I really can't blame the customer coz it wasn't her who transported the cake. I know how she must have felt upon seeing the cake. So if I were her I would have probably done the same. You know on your most important day and you have so many things on your mind. I call it rezeki. It wasn't mine in the first place. I want to make her feel better even at my own expense. I am sure many would have offered the same.