Monday, October 19, 2009

That Thing We Do

"Why were you there exactly?" someone who was obviously tired of reading my endless sedih entries, questioned me impatiently. I almost laughed when I saw the exasperation on her face, uncertain if I was injecting suspense to the way I write or boredom instead. Truthfully, I am savouring every single detail of my trip, unwilling to let the memoir melt down on me like an ice cream on a hot Sunday afternoon. I am still in my dreams folks, unawakened by the reality, so do pinch me, every time I go astray ;o).

As all might have guessed, my travel to the States was to pursue knowledge on cake decorating with the Sugarflours Team. We, like the rest of the other international cake enthusiasts there, participated head to head, shoulder to shoulder kneading our way to complete the teachers' training course before we were conferred the PME Trainer's certificate. The modules had our sleeves rolled up from 9 to 5 with an hour lunch break in between. It was one week of hard labour for the Malaysian contingent, with us trying to acclimatize to the weather and different time zone. We were at most times walking deep in our slumber with our eyes wide opened building cakes and constructing royal icing bridges. The most difficult part was to stay awake during the round up sessions. I almost dozed and fell off my chair on one occasion.

All in all it was a wonderful opportunity to rub shoulders with established cake decorators whose work have constantly left me gawking and gaping online. But through an event such as this, I was privileged to meet and talk to them personally, exchanging ideas on a subject which is dearest to us. Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartiest gratitude and appreciation to participants from Argentina, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain and the United States for their support and friendship. I am humbled by the professionalism and the hospitality shown.

Below are glimpses on "That thing we do"

Watie looking delighted with the Sugarflours name tag. This was our formidable looking work station. It shouted "serious work only" Yikes!...Yawn...

My roses are not as dainty as Lisa's the instructor. Maybe because she is English, yes, that's why. But my hibiscus isn't any better either ha ha ha.

Glorious food, vegetarian food! Sayur -stir fried, blanched, boiled, souped, sandwiched, and mashed, presented in all forms imaginable. To compensate we bagged the cookies and crisps home.

We had to say "cheese" in all the participants' languages. Keju included. So the Malaysian contingent pouted their lips to mouth "kejuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" for the camera!

Stay tune to "That thing we do too" next folks!

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ICook4Fun said...

Whiz, so you dah balik Malaysia. Aiyah, you should have contact me and kita boleh pergi jalan jalan. Since you dah datang ke sini jauh jauh should be stay on for another week or two. Tak apa, some other time lah yea.

notti netti said...

admire la hasil kerja akak....chantik sangat.

Kitchen Guardian said...

i nak pi rumah youlah tengok all those pics...dengan tak malunya!

edi said...

kak wiz, mana satu kak wiz dlm gambar tu? ;)

Wiz said...

Gert- Alaaaaaaaaaa ruginya! Dekat ker your place with mine? Anyway, susahla nak extend the stay for another week coz to get to go this long pun dah too good for me. Family bising la Gert. Would love to visit you next time. I am praying for a next time.

Notti - Thanks so much. I am just a mediocre compared to the many wonderful artists out there.

Yanie - Dgn tak malunya I ckp tak boleh sebab computer kat dlm bilik I. Kalu you masuk, pengsan! Nanti I email you the pics instead k. But you can always come to the house but not to my room ha ha ha.

Edi - kak wiz yang rambut blond pakai baju huitam tu he he he.

Muna said...


mrs red hat said...

Wiz dearie, don't be shy-shy camera kay! Mark my word dearie,with the kind of work that you do now, it's no surprise that one day your cakey story will be featured in one of the local magazines and everybody got to see your pix in the mag! hehehe....can't wait for the day!

raggedyanne said...

i kinda guessed that you went away for a course, masakan sanggup tinggal family & beraya in your own country, if it wasn't to pursue your dream & passion, kan?

insya-allah for this little sacrifice you made, you will be rewarded berganda2 balik :D

and oh yeah, congratulations!

Ms Wong said...

Wiz, I am proud to see all the ladies and men in the pic. Next time don't forget to include one with your face in it! Apa apa pun I am proud of you and your gang!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Wiz, long time no see.
Wow! Outstanding, you now ada Phd in cooking, baking, US education too.
Well done.
Can I come for tuition?

You keep well and best regards, Lee.

cupcakekasih said...

wiz...tahniah, congratulation...bertuah sungguh wiz. bolehlah K jun berguru dengan Wiz ya.

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

hats off to you and your team wiz! nak tunggu tengok "international institute of cake WIZardry"... insyaAllah, one day sure happen... :)

mº¿ºsh, brecht and nora said...

Wiz, congrats on the achievement - mana gambaq hang!? Cheq mai sini sampai beberapa kali pasai suka lagu THAT THING U DO ; ) heheheh Take care and hope to catch u online for a chat....

Wiz said...

Muna - Your one liner is simply fabulous!

Salina - Me in mag? I doubt it la. I havent created something di luar dugaan or angkasa lepas unless of course I get to do a cake for our beloved angkasawan kah kah kah.

Miss Wong, I like it when you come and visit with many inspirational words. Makes me feel good. Thanks so much. Tell me whenever you are in town, you might get some cakes.

Uncle Lee - Thanks so much sir. I am no phd holder la, spatula holder saja. No need come for tuition, just come for cake tasting saja lorrr.

Kak Jun - Thanks kak Jun, an expert like need not come for my class, instead you can come and conduct a class. Kak Jun dah terrorist dah.

Jules - I nak buat concept ala2 Hogwarts, boleh tak? Tak payah pakai tangan, pakai magic jer kek dah jadi.

Mush - Awat susah nak tangkap hang online. Cheq duk nanti hari2. Tak pa2 nanti cheq pegi sana, hang dah tak boleh lari mana dah. Cheq tangkap hang Iyahhhhh!