Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life After 5

First of all I would like to apologize for the long silence, a week blessed with whimsical birthday cakes and favours for me to do. But I am back and hopefully long enough to serenade your quite time with more of my chimerical syok sendiri stories.


Life in the US started only after 5pm for all of us especially for my roommate Lisa. After the gruelling 9 to 5 workshop we untied our aprons, wiggled the flour from our clothes, straightened our crooked face and headed on to the nearest shopping Malls. The shuttle bus service would only take us to places within a 5 minute drive from the hotel, hence the visit to the same mall almost every night. The Americans take pride in their big Malls, confident we have seen nothing as fancy as what they presented before our eyes. We pleaded to differ and they were quite surprised to learn we come from a country which malls are accepted as the second home, well for most of us.

Since money was not something we brought in abundance, window shopping was the only thing to do. The only shop that did damage to our pockets was the DOLLAR XTREME SHOP. Purchases after purchases of fridge magnets, key chains, souvenirs for relatives and friends were made everytime we walked by the shop. Most items were made in China and as much as we tried to buy American made stuff, it became a feat frivolous to attempt.

Some things did come cheaper like children's clothes and most of the branded items. However food wise it was dollar to ringgit there. For example, Mcdonald's burgers were around 5 dollars each, about the same as the ringgit price here. A vegetarian "kebab like" wrap costs a whopping 7 dollars which mind bogglingly is more expensive than a meaty one. Tapi apakan daya itu saja yang boleh dimakan, itulah yang kami pesan. Anyway, after our fourth consecutive order for a vegetarian wrap at the same shop, the Asian guy behind the counter looked at us in bewilderment.

" Why do you people order Kosher food? Why not try our chicken range or our steaks" Lisa who was in shivers due to the lack of protein in her diet squealed "...that's because we have to be vegetarian when we travel since the meat are not halal here" That Asian guy was forming more lines on his forehead when he couldn't understand our predicaments. He continued "...I am a muslim of course the meat here is halal!" We gulped and looked at each other before we screamed "...why didn't you tell us so? arghhhhhhhhh!"

Jet lagged, we roamed the hotel premise looking for something to do. When everyone else was sleeping the three of us would be chuckling away in the gym or at the pool table or in the game room. Lots of quaters were swallowed and lost in the event of entertaining a bunch of thirty year old kids. And I played pool for the first time too, well, more like arranging the balls into the arrangement which suited my fancy,to the horror of the experienced pool players Lisa and Chef. And I did it when they were looking wee hee hee.

On some days when the sun was lending its rays a little longer, we took the opportunity to try our luck at the miniature golf course. At a glance, the course looked terribly easy, a one cough terus masuk lubang kinda impression. Dengan penuh aksyen, kami pun memukul bola itu, sekali...dua kali...tiga kali....empat kali pun tak masuk2 ha ha ha. Kali ke enam baru la terhegeh2 bola tu tergolek masuk. Chef came a bit later and when he saw our struggle he shook his head and yanked the kayu golf lalu cuba menunjukkan how silly we were. Akan tetapi apa yang ditunjukkan hanyalah cara2 "Bagaimana Untuk Memalukan Diri Sendiri Dengan Pukulan Yang Jauh Lebih Banyak" mwahahahaha.

We worked hard and played hard and that granted us the reason to savour moments spent here at The Hilton Indian Lakes Resort Bloomingdale.

Our comfortable room with huge springy beds

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Ms Wong said...

Wiz, nice mall, nice golf course, nice hotel room, nice entry and superb photo collections!

Ida said...

ooohhhh..the BED!! I LOVE them fluffy beds!!

Lisajoehari said...

oh what an experience. 2 weeks without ayam and kambing... aiyoh....

Wiz said...

Ms Wong - Thank you Ms Wong! I can only show so much, we have more than 2 thousand photos! imagine showing them all ha ha ha.

IDa - Yes we were jumping and bouncing on those beds like nobody's biz k. A perfect place for you to run and merajuk and bury your face under those pillows.

Lisa - You and your daging dilemma ha ha ha. Sib baik tak pengsan ke apa ker, if not tak pasal2 chef kena carry you mwahahaha. CHef baca tak entry ni, mesti dia marah.

about kitchen guardian food said...


i know one day i will post an entry similar to this :-)

Kitchen Guardian said...


i know one day i will put up a post similar to this :-)

lisa (em wiz tumpang!), love sugarflours termimpi-mimpi the cutters and tools mmmmmm....