Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tap Tapping

Thanks so much Mimie!

The rain went tapping on my window one day, insisted to rush in. Some did manage to seep through the holes and cracks, I knew I wasn't seeing things. I thought I heard thunders too with stretches of lightnings. It gave me a jolt in the heart when all the lights suddenly went blink blink.

"...the house is in dire need of repairs,..." I said politely to the other dear, before a frolicsome brook of heavy rain carries it, I fear. He nodded so slowly as if he was thinking aloud and I knew he was deep in his thoughts to iron things out. The leak needs fixing, so does the kitchen light, the bathroom switch is broken too and the tainted walls are just sores to the eyesight.

A decade old our house is, you can really tell, from the paint outside the house which has started to swell. The gate creaks irritatingly to welcome us everyday, it serves as an alarm system we never had to pay. Complain I didn't for all of this time, not until...when my oven bell ceased to chime. The wiring went haywire one rainy day, it's time to get things done, soon and right away.

...but when we saw those kids devoid of more than the above, our hearts went light amidst all of our troubles. With a portion of the money we managed to set aside, we shared some with the kids who live hard to survive. Baked muffs for desserts for them to take some, saw their eyes lit up when we placed them in their palms. Hope they felt happy even just for a little while, to see us and our kids all full of smiles.

So this Raya if you come and see things in disarray, with the house unpainted and the gate unreplaced, please forgive us for we may not seem to care. We chose to let it bare so the other kids could get some of their raya share.

For those who are interested to help these wonderful children and the kind ustaz who manages them, below are the details.

Pertubuhan Kebajikan
Anak2 Yatim
Darul Aitam,
Temoh Perak.

Acc Number CIMB : 10000034209
Mudir : Ustaz Shamsul Anuar
Tel :0194271315

Thank you so much. Hanya Allah sahaja yang dapat membalas budi baik anda, thank you thank you thank you.

Thanks so much Liza!

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Kitchen Guardian said...

tak baca lagi post ni kalut...but oi love the blue ni terra betui!

Sha said...

lawa nya!

Nak tny if Kak Wiz tau sapa2 yg jual yummy cookies :)

untuk Raya

nwd261 said...

hi wiz,

wow...memang terra la wiz ni, as alwiz nice color combination. now i'm becoming blue (i've once became unguuuuu).

suddenly this lyric came to my mind...cos you bring out the best in me, like no-one else can do, that's why i'm by your side, and that's why i love you.

jiwang dah mai balik dah...

selamat berpuasa wiz

raggedyanne said...

my heart swells when reading this. tak pasal2 emo pulak.

my oven's temperamental too. sometimes halfway thru baking it stops working. everytime i need to turn it on, i have to baca mandrem2 dulu :)

ms hart said...

This is what I love about you, Wizzy - your forever caring heart and about you walking your talk. the way, this Raya may we have the honour of being one of those who 'come and see things in disarray, with the house unpainted and the gate unreplaced'???;-)

Wiz said...

Yanie - Awat hang kalut2 ni? Hang nak gi mana?

Sha - I do cookies too but since I only have a pair of hands I am afraid to advertise here for fear of not being able to cater to the demands.

Watie - Kita jiwang sama2 nor! he he he

Anne - Your mandrem works? Mine always fails. YOur heart would swell even more when you see the children Anne. Mine balloned and lifted me up.

Hart - Miss you Hart, where have you been? Would love to have you in our broken home Hart but this raya I would not be here. The other half and kids would have to raya without me for I will be somewhere else. Will update on it once finalised k.

Tapi malula nak bagi you atang rumah i, sebab in comparison to your house, mine looks like a shack.