Saturday, September 19, 2009

Raya Of Many Selamats

I have yet to make ready preparations for Raya at my house. Cookie jars are still not visible on the dining table, perhaps there are not many cookies left to fill the decorative airtight containers. Nothing of raya could be seen or felt yet and I will tell you why in time to come. The only raya feeling that lingered was the fact that I prepared raya cookies and raya cakes for friends and customers everyday till the very end. I even had a last minute raya sale, as always, at the place I used to teach, enticing all staff and former students to come grab the many cakes I baked the night before. I needed an extra boost of cash flow to accompany me on a journey, hence the surge in making vigorous sale. Cakes and cookies disappeared in no time at all, how I wished I could have baked more to cater to those who didn't get to grab some. So here I would like to extend my gratitude to those who have made their purchases of my wares. Thank you thank you thank you so much.

Thanks Rachel for both orders!

I would like to leave you with my other Selamat wishes this raya, wishes to be safe and stay safe. Selamat memandu pulang, selamat bergembira, selamat berhari raya, selamat memanjangkan silaturrahim, selamat kembali bertugas. It is alarming to learn the rate of accidents on the road, and I hope everyone would be extra alert and cautious whilst driving. Have a safe journey home folks!

Salam Aidil Fitri buat semua pembaca,
Maaf Zahir dan Batin
daripada wiz sekeluarga.

Thanks Vivian for both orders!

See you guys soon!

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