Thursday, September 10, 2009


Butter smells nice only on cookies, I noticed, they noticed.


After baking continuously for the past one week, I have come to terms with this horrid smell I carry with me, the kids too have gotten used to it, the hubby ...still in his own incomparable male aroma unbeknownst of this new perfume encircling me right now. Everytime I asked him " I smell? He would blitely say "...I have grown to accept it." sheeeeesh!

Cake orders will only resume a week before raya folks, right now it's all cookie affair. I have shipped out 4 carton of boxes already tu jer yang these two hands terdaya raya buat and now I will try to complete the family's ration of give aways to ma in law, my parents, my brothers, sister and a few jars for the kids and guests.

And since I have sooooooooooo much time under those flabs of my tummy, I decided to burn it with Hamper making. I know it's a far cry from those professional ones you see in the market especially of Jules', and my cousin's Lin at least I know now not to meddle with talents you have the least.

So here goes folks wizhampers...all for sale.


3 Units all SOLD!

3 types of wizcookies
3 types of imported chocolates
all placed daintily in a jewelery box with flowers and laces.


RM 100
1 unit

The base can is filled with Makmur
The middle can is filled with chocolate chip cookies
The top can is filled with strawberry chocolates.



1 Unit Sold!


3 types of wizcookies
1 box of strawberry chocolates
1 bag of dodols.
1 large size keronsang.
1 red bakul


RM 130
1 Unit Sold!


4 types of wizcookies
1 box of ferrero Rocher
1 large keronsang
1 brown bakul


RM 185

1 Unit Sold!


4 types of wizcookies
1 Sparkling soda
2 jars of spices
2 types of chocolates
2 types of dodols
1 wooden white tray

There you have it folks, some works of my kerastangan. If you are interested do email me at bearing the "raya hampers" title alright.

Thanks yous, Zank yous!

4 treats:

Juliana Mohd Daud said...

wiz, very the nice... i like, i like, especially julesness tu... :)

Min Bakingproject said...

Wiz, the hampers look pretty.. good luck with the sale ya.

shaz said...

OMG, those are lovely are talented. Wish I have the same productions are always selekeh.

LifeBloom said...

Salam Wiz..wished I had stumbled on this sooner!!! Next year - be prepared to receive my orders!!! Gorgeous they are!